Hildegarble: Commentary (aka Blathering) on PVP

June 29, 2007 at 5:32 pm (PvP)

melee.jpgFirst off I wanted to say thanks and EXCELLENT JOB to everyone who has been participating in arena, with a special thanks to Tami for taking the initiative to form a 2nd 2v2 team. Boaz, Turtle, Neha, Syp, Glen, Measure, Tami, and even Val (who has since forsworn the arena experience altogether, bless her heart): I want to personally thank all of you for bringing my dream of a lively guild PvP team to vivid life. It was an honor and a blast to fight with you, and to top it off we’re on our way to epic rewards! I think this is a great team / community builder and I’m glad to see all of us communicating so much and just having a good time as a guild.I’m researching some strategies and trying to become a better pvper myself, having recently respecced to the popular 35/23/3 build that the top tier arena warriors are using. I’d also like to post some strategies on the blog here in the next few weeks so that we can experiment and improve. Remember – even though we may have our losing streaks, we’ll still have fun and earn points! I’ll be more than happy to lose every single match we play as long as we have a good time doing it!After some thought, I don’t think that we’ll need to schedule a specific night to pvp each week; it seems that we have a robust enough core group of players on each night to be able to just play as we want. Keep in mind, however, that you need to meet your quota of at least 30% participation by Monday night, as points are rewarded Tuesday. In addition, try to be mindful of your teammates, as playing additional games without them can lower their participation rate and edge them out of points!

I guess that’s all I got for now. More to come soon.

-H. Garde

 PS: We’ve got a new 3v3 team! Big thanks to Brany (Nehalennia) for footing the 120g bill of the new team, called “Murloc Liberation Front”! If you need to be added to a 3v3 team still, please whisper Nehalennia and she will be glad to include you!


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June 27, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized)

So last night Hilde rounded up a group of TWW people just insane enough to do a little 5v5 PVP.  I hopped on Syp, my 70 warlock, and quickly tried to remember what all of the 60 buttons do.  Soul link?  Do I need that?  Sounds good… guess I do.  Oh!  I have pets!  I forgot about that!

I found it helpful to create a new hotbar (shift+2) solely devoted to a PVP layout.  Back in the day of AV and AB, before Burning Crusade came out, I immersed myself in the PVP world for a month or so, and learned that about 70% of the skills you have are near useless in PVP.  Taunts don’t work, so it’s stupid to have your pet on growl or suffering.  Any skill with a cast time over a second probably won’t get off in hot-and-heavy PVP unless you are left alone for some time.  So ultimately, it’s all about identifying all of the instants and one second casts that can do some damage, in addition to about four to five other PVP-situational skills (good skills with hefty cooldowns are good for PVP on the whole).

For Syp, I made 1-3 my DOTs (immolate was a lean 1.5 second cast, but I was usually able to get it off), 4-6 my fears (deathcoil, howl of terror, fear), then curse of tongues (against mages/casters), banish (for other lock pets), and seed of corruption (to experiment with).  Nothing fancy.  I didn’t have time to get off shadowbolts or channel any spells when I’ve got two rogues slicing my head up five ways from Sunday.

We took our lumps early on, losing a quick couple games.  It wasn’t until about the middle of the matches when I even scored a kill — and that’s pretty unusual for my PVP experience.  The difference about arenas, compared to BGs, is that you have one life — period.  You can’t afford to be as suicidal, knowing that you can just pop back up from a graveyard.  Although I have soul link and some serious health, I’m squishy and a prime target for rogues and warriors.

In our third match or so, we noticed that a team that steamrolled us did so by mounting up before they were even out of the gate and storming to our position.  It’s all psychological — after all, they’re still coming to us — but the lack of preparation/maneuvering time threw us off.  BAM!  They’re in our face, and we’re dead.  So… why not copy that?  TWW rose to the copyright infringement, and did so.  The mount rush strategy paid off in spades — instead of letting the enemy have time to feel us out and figure out their prime targets, we were on top of them with mass chaos.  I would try to rush, drop my horse, and then attempt to get my two second Howl of Terror off — when it did pop, there goes half of their team running around like sissies.  Fun stuff.

My typical warlock PVP routine usually involved throwing my two insta-DOTs on targets, tabbing, and repeat.  This didn’t work so well in arena, where people are running around all willy-nilly, and I kept losing track of who was where.  So I practiced focus fire — I would target a guy, pump out all three DOTs, and get my pet on his butt.  When, and only when that happened, would I change to a new target.  Often, players would resist/throw off my DOTs, forcing me to reapply them.  Which I did, happily.

As for rogues, my only defense against stunlock is to position my felguard about fifteen feet away and click “stay”, while putting him in defensive mode.  The second I’d get attacked (and stunned), he’d charge in and stun the rogue who did it for 3 seconds.  Not tons of time, but it helped.  Deathcoil is a nice little “go away!” if you can get it off.  And God bless ritual of souls, which helps to make a nice 2400 healthstone before each match — I told everyone to slot it into their hotbar, and I hoped it helped.

So on the whole, we did good.  I died, a lot, but by the end we were kicking ass and taking names, and Hilde was sobbing with joy.  Good times.

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TWW Comedy Hour!!

June 26, 2007 at 3:23 pm (Events, General)

So for my next act…

We have some great comedians in this guild, and to highlight said comedy I am setting up a TWW Comedy hour!

I’m posting because I want to know when everyone thinks the best days to do it would be.  I know it will probably be twice a month. 

There is an incentive for doing this as well.  Whoever has the best stand-up wins 50g! 

A couple rules:

  •  The humor must be PG, or at the very very worst, PG-13 as long as it doesn’t contain any really bad words.  The occasional damn, hell, etc will be allowed as long as it doesn’t stray too far into other bad language.
  • No jokes about politics.  Politics are considered a very hot-button item.  Any jokes buffooning a political person will be considered in bad taste.
  • No “your mom” jokes.  These are lame anyways.
  • No religious jokes. 

 If people could post here please, and let me know what you think would be the best days, I’d appreciate it!


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Strike yer colors, ya bloomin’ cockroaches

June 25, 2007 at 6:45 pm (Events)

barbosa.jpgHaving zerged Disneyworld and lived to tell the tale I’m ready to be available for instances runs and quest chain help.  Having been gone for so long though I’ve lost touch with what instances/quest chains everyone is working on at the moment..so here is your opportunity to put your 2 cents worth in and let me know how I can help all of you attain the magical level of 70 as quickly as possible (and possibly get some phat lewt in the process..heh).   

As always either Branywen or Nehalennia is available to help with those annoying quest chains that make you want to throw vendor trash at the screen….just find me when I’m online or drop me a note in the mail to look for you the next time I’m on.  To get the instance runs that all of you need at the moment though, and to make sure I don’t leave anyone out, please reply to this post with the list of instances you might be interested in at the moment and I’ll start scheduling a couple of nights a week for some runs.  If we have more than a few people that need a particular instance I’ll schedule the same instance for consecutive nights to make sure everyone gets their quest completions and if we don’t have a full group who needs quests we’ll take anyone who just wants some extra xp and loot.  For the low level instances we won’t need full groups (ex. Deadmines, Stockade, Shadowfang Keep, etc) and I’m happy to do a 20 minute zerg on those anytime you need me to. 

 I know that currently there is some interest in Maraudon, Zul’Farrak and Uldaman as well as the Warlock epic mount quest chain that will take us to Scholomance and Dire Maul West.   If there are any attunement chains, such as the mallet chain for Zul’Farrak, that you need to complete let me know as well so that you get the most xp out of our runs as possible.   

My goal is to run at least one lower level instance a week (meaning below level 60) and possibly schedule a level 60-70 instance every week as well for those of you who’ve hit 60 and need help getting the last leg up to 70.  Like the lower level ones, please reply to post with any Outland instance requests as well and we’ll schedule them according to interest and availability. 

With that said I’m really looking forward to seeing what instances we’ll be heading into in the next week or two and I know we’ll have a great time. 

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Hildegarde Wants YOU – for the TWW Arena Team!

June 25, 2007 at 2:54 pm (Events, General, PvP)

leon.jpgThe drums of battle are beating.Sinister blood is pumping.The time has come to take up arms.

Swords are about to clash with stuff.

All ye combative folks who wanna hurt people, come get some.

I’m planning to set up a specific evening each week (and maybe a make-up evening depending on interest) during which our core arena team can take an hour or so to meet our 10-game quota and start accumulating points. I’ve found that it generally takes an hour to 90 minutes to get in 10 games, and you only need to participate in at least 30% of the matches to get credit, so time commitment should be minimal, but since we have to have a certain number of members present to participate, it makes sense to schedule a specific night.

If you’re lvl 70 and interested in joining the arena team (even if only on a casual / no commitment basis), please leave a comment to this post with the following information so that I can coordinate the best organization:

  1. What days / times are you available if we set up specific day(s)?
  2. Are you interested for gear or just for some casual fun?
  3. Which Scooby-Doo character are you most like and WHY?

Additional details and scheduling to come – I’m hard at work orchestrating all of this, and I’d love any feedback or suggestions! Be sure to take a look at my arena post below to learn more about what arena is all about, and drop me a comment if you’ve got anything to add!

I look forward to fighting beside y’all!

-H. Garde


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Before You Step into the Sand: 10 Things You Need to Know About Arena PvP

June 25, 2007 at 2:19 pm (PvP, Strategy)

russel1.jpgArena PvP is one of the most rewarding aspects of World of Warcraft, but it can also be one of the most frustrating and confusing. For those of us who don’t know much about arena but are curious or interested, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important things you should know about this challenging aspect of the game, so hopefully if you decide you want to strap on your sandals and get to pwning some noobeez, you’ll be well-informed and know what to expect.

In case you didn’t know, Arena is a team-based player vs. player component in which teams of 2, 3, or 5 are pitted against like-numbered teams in all-out deathmatches; the team with the last member standing is declared the winner, and points are awarded to participating teams each week that can be cashed in for epic armor sets and weapons.

OK, without further adieu…

1. You must be level 70 to join an arena team and reap its benefits. Though you can play in unranked matches to your heart’s content beforehand, you won’t be able to get into the real meat-and-potatoes of arena pvp until endgame.

2. Your team must play at least 10 games during the week to get credit for that week. In order to be listed among the rankings, your arena team must play a minimum of 10 matches for any given week. If you play less, you will get no arena points whatsoever at the end of that week. Even if you perform poorly you can still get a decent point reward at the end of the week, so even if you’re on a losing streak, it’s important to get in those 10 matches to get credit for your efforts. Also note that it may or may not be beneficial to play more than 10 games. Your point reward for each week is based on your team’s rating, which shifts up or down depending on whether you win or lose.

3. You must participate in at least 30% of your team’s matches during the week to receive points that week. It doesn’t matter how well your team does, if you aren’t in on at least 3 of 10 matches you will get no points. This is extremely important, as if a team does not coordinate matches well, some teams (especially larger teams) may leave some players out even if they participate. It’s vital to think of your teammates when deciding how many matches to play!

4. The larger the team bracket, the heftier the point rewards. According to Blizzard, when calculating point rewards at the end of the week, 2v2 teams by default earn 30% less points than 5v5 teams, and 3v3 teams earn 20% less than 5v5. If you’re serious about earning PvP rewards, the easiest way to achieve that goal is to do it on a 5v5 team! A very important thing to know is that you can participate in teams in all three brackets, and you’ll automatically receive the largest reward of the three, so it may be wise to meet your quota in all three brackets! 5. Arena gear is epic and comparable to middle- to upper-tier raiding gear! I may do an actual hard-number comparison later this week, but if you put an arena reward piece up next to a raiding epic, they’re going to be very similar.

6. Battleground honor rewards complement the arena sets very well! The arena rewards feature a head, shoulder, chest, hand, and leg reward, plus weapons; to complement these, you can get epic wrist, waist, foot, back, ring and neck pieces from battleground rewards, and they’re even designed to coordinate visually – Blizz definitely intended these rewards to go hand-in-hand. With both arena and bg rewards, you can deck yourself out entirely in glorious purples.

7. Strategy is key! A good, cohesive team can easily take out a team. Be sure to support your other team members – help them survive and focus DPS on one foe at a time whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your role, as your PvP role can be completely different than your role in PVE (and often if you switch it up, your foes won’t expect it)! Unranked matches can be a good warmup, especially for a team that has never worked together.

8. Strategy is key… but not the only factor! Yes, arena PvP is skill-based to a degree, but many other factors are involved. All QQing aside, it’s hard to deny that there are some balancing issues with some of the classes, and it may be very difficult to overcome some teams just by the sheer nature of their composition. In addition, gear is a huge factor, and can easily slide the balance into one teams favor. Don’t get discouraged! It can be easy to get frustrated, but once you start earning the rewards and your team starts to gel with strategy and teamwork, arena becomes not a grind but a challenging, enjoyable aspect of the game.

9. Respect your teammates! If you decide to reprimand another team member based on skill, gear choices, etc. in my team, not only will you earn a free /tkick (and possibly /gkick depending on the severity), but you will also be missing out on one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. All of us come to the table with our own playing styles, and if you see yourself as “better” than your teammates, then you don’t belong on a team at all. Suggesting team strategies is one thing, but scolding a teammate for their performance in the arena is unacceptable. The goal is teamwork!

10. Come for the cameraderie, stay for the epics! Have fun! If you’re not having fun, it’s never worth it, no matter how epic the rewards are, and I personally would rather see you doing something you enjoy. Remember that there is never obligation to anyone for this.

I personally am very excited about this arena season and I’m happy to see many of you are excited as well. I’ll be planning some arena events very soon, and I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say as well.

-H. Garde

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So You’ve Decided to Play a Mage: Version 2.1.

June 25, 2007 at 4:34 am (General, Strategy)

First off, let me start by saying, I’m so sorry. If you just barely rolled this character there is still time to choose the warlock, or the hunter, or even a shadow priest. Do it before it’s too late!!!!

Still with me eh? Fine. Either you are too heavily invested in this class, or too lazy to get an alt. I understand.

But seriously, playing a mage might be one of the most difficult classes to play. We don’t have any real survivability, we don’t have pets who can hold aggro for us, we have no healing spells, and yet numerous other classes can do just as much damage as we can.

So why play this class?

3 reasons.

1. You want to melt/freeze faces in a hurry. There is no greater satisfaction in this game when you are fighting a boss and 3 straight firebolts strike for 3.4k damage on a fully scorched target, and then another 1.4k damage ticks off for ignite. Or seeing your frostbolts hit for 2.5k and slow the target down as your water elemental deals damage right beside you. Mages have the highest burst damage in the game, and it shows.

2. You want to do loads of AoE damage. No other class has more tools at their disposal to eliminate a group of mobs. While farming in Netherstorm I can take on 5-6 mobs at a time and walk away. Granted, I’m low on health and mana, but everything around you is dead. So take a break. Eat a cinnamon roll and drink that crystal water, because you are king of that area for 5 minutes before respawns can kill you.

3. Sheep. In instances with humanoid/beast mobs, there is no better crowd control in the game. There isn’t a cooldown, and usually the effect will last throughout the entire spell, leaving you free to nuke away at the tank’s target.

So those are the three main reasons why one would play this class.

I’m Talented!

K so you have your uber mage named Raistling or Gandalfffe, or Mareius. You nuke some lowbie critters and eventually get to level 10. Whammo! Curveball over the plate! Talent builds!

Remember that this is very generic at this point.  I am merely giving you an overview on talents.  I will have a much more comprehensive talent blog coming up later this week.

A brief description of talent trees:

        Arcane: This tree is mainly used as a way of strengthening the other two trees. Inside this tree you will find things that help arcane spells, but general rule of thumb is that said spells are not mana-friendly enough to warrant their use.

Best things to spend points in: Arcane Concentration, Arcane Meditation, Arcane Mind, Presence of Mind, Arcane Instability, Arcane Power, Spell Power, Mind Mastery

Worst things to spend points in: Wand Specialization, Arcane Fortitude, Slow.

        Fire: Kablamo! This tree is for the people who like to blow things up, melt faces, light stuff on fire, etc. This tree is all about how to destroy using flame, period.

Best things to spend points in: Improved Fireball, Ignite, Burning Soul, Pyroblast, Improved Scorch, Master of Elements, Critical Mass, Blast Wave, Fire Power, Combustion, Pyromaniac, Molten Fury, Empowered Fireball, Dragon’s Breath

Worst things to spend points in: Improved Flamestrike, and, umm.. that’s it.

        Frost: Damage and survivability? BRILLIANT! This tree gets you lots of cool things to help you survive. Combined with the ability to have a very high critical hit rating on frozen targets, and this tree can dish out a good amount of damage as well.

Best things to spend points in:  Improved Frostbolt, Elemental Precision, Ice Shards, Improved Frost Nova, Frostbite (this one is iffy, I’ll get into more detail later) Cold Snap, Piercing Ice, Shatter, Frost Channeling, Ice Block, Imp. Cone of Cold, Ice Floes, Ice Barrier, Empowered Frostbolt, Water Elemental

Worst things to spend points in:  Frozen Core and.. Water Elemental?

So that’s it for now.  Actual talent build previews along with some more magey advice will come later this week.

Stay Tuned!


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Awesome Guild Names

June 15, 2007 at 2:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Don’t forget to head on down there, a few posts to the south, and give Hilde an idea what our arena team name should be!  In the meantime, here’s a short list of incredibly awesome actual guild names in WOW:

< Holy Gnoman Empire >
< Naga Please >
< stole your bucket >
< Steaks on a Plain >
< The Cowbell Compels Me >
< dontmakemegetmymain >
< Blood Bath and Beyond >
< Straight Outta Hillsbrad >
< At Least We Have Stables >
< Hooters > (all-moonkin guild name)
< My Little Pwnies >
< The ORLY Factor >
< I Crit My Pants >
< Exalted with your Mom >
< Seal Cub Clubbing Club >
< We Killed Kenny >
< Boyz in DaHorde >
< It hurts when i Pvp >
< And Two Stealthed Rogues >
< Im thinkin arby’s >
< Gnomeland Security >
< Power Word Drunk >
< Dude Wheres my Mount >
< Built Horde Tough >
< Team Redundancy Team >
<Blood Bath and Beyond> 
<The Gnome Depot>

<WoW The Musical>

<Riders of Lindsay Lohan>

<Spaceballs The Guild>

<Nightmare on Elf Street>

<General Goods Merchant>


<Hangin’ With My Gnomies>

<Shamen Noodles>

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Syp’s Patented Leveling Program(tm)

June 14, 2007 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)

“Dang, you level fast!” is something I’ve heard in guild chat lately. That’s partially because I was pushing hard to get Ghostfire from 12-30 in a week and a half, before I had to leave for a trip. But it’s also because after a while, you get to know how to level quickly in WoW without wasting a lot of time messing around. Here’s how I do it — results may vary.


Train at least one, if not two gathering skills (mining + skinning, herbs + skinning are both great combos). Get the auctioneer mod. Scan the AH once a day, and post everything green, linen that you’re not using for FA, and crafting items on there. Now you don’t have to worry about money, period.

The second most important thing is to find a guildie or a guy you can pay to port/summon you to Shatt. You WILL want to set your hearth there and never, ever change it. Shatt has portals to all four major cities on Azeroth, and will save you butt-loads of time waiting for boats/flying around.


Resist the urge to get into grinding mode in the early levels, and actually DO all of the starting zone and 10-19 zone quests. All of them should be easy, relatively few grouping quests, and decent XP. It also passes the time quickly, and once you’ve done a certain starting zone a couple times, you’ll know exactly where to go.

At 20-22, head to Redridge, do as many in-zone quests as you can pick up (I’ve never done the ones that had me running around for ale more than once). If you can find a group for the group quests, great; if not, don’t fret. Goblins and orcs are GREAT to grind on — good drops and money.

By 25, head to Darkshire and work your way through ALL of the quest chains there. There’s a lot to keep you busy, and this zone rocks for mob density. Undead drop pretty good stuff, and the wargen are great to skin (along with the doggies you’ll find all around). Grave moss, for herbalists, is abundant in the graveyards (duh).

All this is prepping for level 30, at which point you should enter into Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide, which will take you from 30-60 far, far faster than if you were putzing around in zones by yourself. I’ve done the guide twice, and the xp/hour is totally worth it. However, you MUST enter into this guide at 30 and stick to it — there are a lot of chains, and it’s tremendously difficult to just jump into the level 36 section, for instance, without doing the previous stuff.

By level 58, you should abandon the guide and head for Outland. Just take your time, clear out each zone’s quests and upgrade that armor. If you really take your time and do all of the quests, you should hit 70 by the time you finish Hellfire-Zang-Terrakor-Nagrand. Then you have three zones’ worth of quests to help you build up even more money toward your epic flyer.

I’m sure the other experience Wasters (that’s what I’m calling a guildie in TWW) will have good tips for efficient, speedy leveling too.

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WANTED: Arena Team Name!

June 13, 2007 at 3:55 pm (PvP)

I need a name for the new 5v5 arena team, and I’ve been thinking about renaming the ol’ 2v2 and 3v3 as well. I’ve been brainstorming, trying to come up with some sinister names to strike fear into the hearts of our foes; I thought I’d share some of these masterpieces.

“Taco Belf”
“Cast of TVs Friends”
“Riverview Bridge Club”
“Kick That Noob”
“Rematch Us IRL”
“WTF Taunt Not Working”
“Dollar Menu Heroes”
“Rez Pls”
“We PvP in Rehab”
“Disbanding As We Speak”
“Dont Queue Im AFK”
“Our Bots Are Kittens”
“High School Musical”
“Dang Priest Wont Heal” (<3 Neha)
“Plz Change That Diaper”
“Ah We Hate Ur Belf”
“Ha We Ate Ur Belf”
“Yall Sucked”
“Teh Abattoir of Distress”
“Preschool Heroics”
“We Lose Cuz Hilde Sux”

(Brany really likes that last one)

What about you? Got any write-ins to share?

 -H. Garde

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