And so it begins! Again!

June 11, 2007 at 12:35 pm (General)

Welcome all to TWW’s official blog! Why a blog? We want to keep the guild informed and (sometimes) entertained with what’s going on — and a blog is one of the easiest tools to both read and post this info.

As of last night (Sunday the 10th), TWW has reorganized into the following positions and teams:

  • Chivarly – High GM, head of the guild
  • Branywen – Guildmaster in charge of help and lowbie assistance
  • Syp – Guildmaster in charge of recruitment
  • Glendwyr and Tami – Guildmasters in charge of endgame (instance/raid runs)
  • Hildegarde – Guildmaster in charge of PvP (arena, battlegrounds)
  • Boazar – Guildmaster in charge of events

As you see, we’ve tried to get a bit more organized here at TWW, and I hope you’ll share our infectious enthusiasm for the future of this great casual guild! If you are interested in helping any of the GMs with their department, please contact them in-game.


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