HuntARRRS Represent!

June 12, 2007 at 5:41 pm (General)

Many of you know that my former main, Syp, is a demo warlock.  Me love awesome pets (like the felguard) long time, and I also adore the survivability of the demo tree.  Having a personal tank/chainsaw along for the ride makes life that much more fun.

For this summer, my project is to level my second main, Ghostfire, to 70.  Although everyone has them, I rolled a hunter because (1) I’ve never gotten one past 41, and (2) me love awesome pets long time (my pet is a ravager named Scrunchie).  My goal is to make Ghostfire a viable group hunter to offer DPS, traps and good off-tanking, and therefore I’m speccing 41 BM and 20 SV.

How come? you ask, since 80% of hunters out there are MM.  The first reason is, simply enough, that I want to have an awesome pet.  I love having a pet that keeps aggro while I go gnome-style crazy on the mob with DPS and not have to worry about suddenly becoming lunchmeat.  A BM-specced pet is tough, fat, and full of crits, damage and incredibly fun skills.  The second reason is that with the new insta-cast pet heal AND the Draenei heal, keeping my pet alive is now more viable than ever.

But finally, I’m doing BM because… it’s actually the top DPS hunter tree right now, on the whole.  Marks hunters are laughing, naturally, but hear me out — I’ve done my homework.  Even with the pet’s DPS *not included*, BM hunters are really pushing the charts with steady, fast DPS, which over time is out-damaging the MM’s crits and special attacks.  How come?  Because the BM tree has a few talents that up personal damage, and one *incredible* talent called Serpent’s Swiftness, which ups both your and your pet’s attack speed by 20%.


With volley and Improved Aspect of the Hawk (I think that’s what it is), attack speeds can become incredibly swift — pewpewpew.  This is something I’m very much looking forward to trying out as I level up through the 50s, and I share it with TWW because it’s long since been a no-brainer that everyone’s specced MM.  There’s nothing wrong with MM, and we always need those specs, but I challenge you, if you have a hunter, to really look into the new BM tree.  I think you’d be surprised.

At the very least, read the entertaining and extremely informative posts at Big Red Kitty , a BM hunter’s blog that’s become slightly infamous over the past few months.  There’s great info for the entire Hunter class, no matter what your spec, and great tips that I’ve never even thought of.



  1. BigRedKitty said,

    “Slightly infamous” ya say? Well take that, absolutely. We need more female hunters over there, then perhaps we’ll be “Totally infamous”.

    Yes? No?

    No? Poopy.

  2. boazar said,

    Ok so I’m twinking out a lvl 29 troll hunter. Right now I’m all Marks because that seems like the right thing to do.

    with that said, however, the addition of Aimed Shot seems like a worthless tool in pvp because you really only get to use it once an opponent is frost trapped, or if they are ignoring you.

    I mainly play Arathi Basin (I hate WSG) so I”m usually defending, which right now I do a decent job of. But would a smarter build be more BM, or a nice mix of BM/MM?

    Here’s a build I thought might be nifty for such a twink. Already have a really good boar I use as a pet. 10% more health would make him a lean killing piggy machine.

    BTW, I love your sight BRK. Just perused your sight and all sorts of hidden gems/goodies caught my eye.

  3. hildegarde said,

    My Belf hunter is Beast Mastery and I love it. I always thought the most appealing thing about the class was the pet training, and there’s something incredibly satisfying about sending a giant spider after a gnome and watching it run him down and subsequently devour him.

    Oh, and yeah, Serpent’s Swiftness = Mad Heat fo sho.

  4. branywen said,

    Something is to be said for a lvl 67 hunter with an underleveled pet who can rank top 3 in AV in damage dealing even in a group of all 70’s….I loves me some straight up MM goodness 🙂

  5. Tami said,

    WoW, I was really impressed with the BIGREDKITTY site.
    Does anyone know where to get W.O.W. shirt and stuff? Drop me a line in game.

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