WANTED: Arena Team Name!

June 13, 2007 at 3:55 pm (PvP)

I need a name for the new 5v5 arena team, and I’ve been thinking about renaming the ol’ 2v2 and 3v3 as well. I’ve been brainstorming, trying to come up with some sinister names to strike fear into the hearts of our foes; I thought I’d share some of these masterpieces.

“Taco Belf”
“Cast of TVs Friends”
“Riverview Bridge Club”
“Kick That Noob”
“Rematch Us IRL”
“WTF Taunt Not Working”
“Dollar Menu Heroes”
“Rez Pls”
“We PvP in Rehab”
“Disbanding As We Speak”
“Dont Queue Im AFK”
“Our Bots Are Kittens”
“High School Musical”
“Dang Priest Wont Heal” (<3 Neha)
“Plz Change That Diaper”
“Ah We Hate Ur Belf”
“Ha We Ate Ur Belf”
“Yall Sucked”
“Teh Abattoir of Distress”
“Preschool Heroics”
“We Lose Cuz Hilde Sux”

(Brany really likes that last one)

What about you? Got any write-ins to share?

 -H. Garde



  1. boazar said,

    WTF Taunt Not Working is my favorite on that list.


    “Fantastic PvP Voyage”
    “Blathering Mopheads”
    “Disco’s Nightmare”
    “7-11 in Heaven”
    “Lobster Squad #7”

  2. boazar said,

    bored at work, so here are some more.

    “will crit for food.”
    “We crit chicken right”
    “Disney’s Evil Secret”
    “Deluxe Crit Sandwich”
    “Frozen Waffle Mascots”
    “Vendor Trash”
    “lol 5v5 pug team”
    “Lemon juice in yer eyes”

  3. Tami said,

    “WTF Taunt Not Working”

    “Disbanding As We Speak”

    “lol 5v5 pug team”

    I love them!

  4. valoriana said,

    I have to say I’m partial to the last one as well 😉

  5. Cammius said,

    My friend and I made this one for our 2v2.

    “This Isnt Halo”

  6. Himu said,

    Quick question … how do I rename my arena team? I right-click the name but it doesn’t give me an option to change it …

  7. Ninaske-Norgannon said,

    Was just googling for ideas for my own future teams and I came upon this list. Very nice. I’d likely consider something to do with the Belf puns, but I’m Ally, unfortunately. =/

    What I did come up with while wasting time in Physics is a few names for class-specific 3v3 teams:

    Priest-Rogue-Rogue: Holy Shiv
    Priest-Rogue-Warlock: Lockjaw
    Rogue x3: Super Sweet Serration Sensation
    Mage-Shaman-Druid: Out of Our Element
    Priest-Mage-Warlock: Got Silk
    Bal Druid-Hunter-Warlock: And Their Amazing Friends (Treants, Pets, Snake Trap, Minions.. Deployable Army. ^-^)

    And some general names:
    Now With Zinc
    Some Assembly Required
    Ph.D in Kicking Your Ass (Dr. Tran reference)

    Lists aren’t long, but they’re something I guess. I need a spark of inspiration like I had when I made my twink guild (, now disbanded because I’m too busy with mains)

  8. Ninaske-Norgannon said,

    Hm. HTML coding thought the guild name was a code and removed it. >.>;

    “Chicks Dig the Goggles” was the guild name.

  9. Chippmunk said,

    Personal fave STD’s are BoP

  10. Sporedd said,

    “In a Fire” for a mage lock combo ^^

  11. Shatakka said,

    Shadow Priest – Warlock

    “Dots Inc”


    “WTB Healz”

  12. Named said,

    I googled and found this Druid – Lock – Rogue – combo

    “Hots, dots n kidneyshots” ^_^ just love it

  13. xelph said,

    some good ones.. personall fav:

    “PvE Was Too Hard”

  14. Tetra said,

    Hotshot – Druid & Huntard 😛

  15. temuto said,

    My 5’s team is named “R Kelly Pvpd on us”

  16. Ryuden said,

    Good ones here, I actually looked for one and it was taken already =(
    It was the “WTF taunt not working”
    So I thought up:
    “Brght to u by free epics” instead and thought it was worth posting =)

  17. Bonedkilla said,

    It burns when i PvP was always a classic

  18. Epic said,

    Lol my list to me :

    Last Gets Points

    Walmart Security

    2 rogue team : two rogues one cup

    Arthas stole my bike

    what is my class

    paw chica wawa

    eat my proto

  19. Peitho said,

    Found this list as I was searching for one for my 2v2. Our 3v3 is called ‘Don’t touch me there’. We thought it was good considering we were 3 casters. =P

    2v2 is druid/mage.. anyone with thoughts?

  20. batman said,

    “Touch my PvPnis” lol thats a good one I made up

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