Syp’s Patented Leveling Program(tm)

June 14, 2007 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)

“Dang, you level fast!” is something I’ve heard in guild chat lately. That’s partially because I was pushing hard to get Ghostfire from 12-30 in a week and a half, before I had to leave for a trip. But it’s also because after a while, you get to know how to level quickly in WoW without wasting a lot of time messing around. Here’s how I do it — results may vary.


Train at least one, if not two gathering skills (mining + skinning, herbs + skinning are both great combos). Get the auctioneer mod. Scan the AH once a day, and post everything green, linen that you’re not using for FA, and crafting items on there. Now you don’t have to worry about money, period.

The second most important thing is to find a guildie or a guy you can pay to port/summon you to Shatt. You WILL want to set your hearth there and never, ever change it. Shatt has portals to all four major cities on Azeroth, and will save you butt-loads of time waiting for boats/flying around.


Resist the urge to get into grinding mode in the early levels, and actually DO all of the starting zone and 10-19 zone quests. All of them should be easy, relatively few grouping quests, and decent XP. It also passes the time quickly, and once you’ve done a certain starting zone a couple times, you’ll know exactly where to go.

At 20-22, head to Redridge, do as many in-zone quests as you can pick up (I’ve never done the ones that had me running around for ale more than once). If you can find a group for the group quests, great; if not, don’t fret. Goblins and orcs are GREAT to grind on — good drops and money.

By 25, head to Darkshire and work your way through ALL of the quest chains there. There’s a lot to keep you busy, and this zone rocks for mob density. Undead drop pretty good stuff, and the wargen are great to skin (along with the doggies you’ll find all around). Grave moss, for herbalists, is abundant in the graveyards (duh).

All this is prepping for level 30, at which point you should enter into Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide, which will take you from 30-60 far, far faster than if you were putzing around in zones by yourself. I’ve done the guide twice, and the xp/hour is totally worth it. However, you MUST enter into this guide at 30 and stick to it — there are a lot of chains, and it’s tremendously difficult to just jump into the level 36 section, for instance, without doing the previous stuff.

By level 58, you should abandon the guide and head for Outland. Just take your time, clear out each zone’s quests and upgrade that armor. If you really take your time and do all of the quests, you should hit 70 by the time you finish Hellfire-Zang-Terrakor-Nagrand. Then you have three zones’ worth of quests to help you build up even more money toward your epic flyer.

I’m sure the other experience Wasters (that’s what I’m calling a guildie in TWW) will have good tips for efficient, speedy leveling too.



  1. boazar said,

    I’ve found that running instances (especially at lvl 40 to lvl 50) is one of the fastest ways to grind through xp. at lvl 40 you can do Ulda. Run it a few times. In between going to Tanaris and some other zones when you hit 43-44 go to Zul Farrak. At lvl 46-47 you can start sneaking into Maraudon.

    After lvl 50, Burning Steppes, Winterspring, EPL/WPL will be your friends. Dire Maul, Blackrock Depth, Sunken Temple, UBRS/LBRS, etc. I have never tried Silithus, so I couldn’t tell you if it was worth your time or not.

    And one more piece of advice.. at lvl 58, don’t forget to run Scholo/Strat at least once each! Sure, you will probably get greens in outland better than the blues from Scholo/Strat, but those two are my favorite instances in the game, and they deserve to be run at least to experience them.

  2. Glendwyr said,

    I think Syp has posted some very good advice, but I disagree on the approach once you reach level 58 and go to Outlands. Use Thottbot and identify only those quests that provide you with a significant equipment upgrade in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangermarsh or that are related to an instance in those zones and do those quests, but don’t do the other quests. Then run Ramparts and Blood Furnace in HP and Slave Pens and Underbog in Zangermarsh until you reach honored rep with Honor Hold/Thrallmar and Cenarion Expedition.

    Also, in Zangermarsh, farm for Unidentified Plant Parts and turn those in until you reach honored with CE. Save any Uncatalogued Species for turn-in after you have reached honored with CE.

    Once you get to honored with HH/Thrallmar, then you are set to run all of the remaining quests that give you rep with those factions in HP. The same applies in Zangermarsh once you reach honored with CE. Although this approach will probably slow down your level progression somewhat, it will be temporary, since you can then start gaining experience rapidly once you start doing the HP and Zangermarsh quests.

    By progressing this way, you will be able to reach revered or exalted with these factions much faster. If you burn through the quests without taking full advantage of the ability to gain rep to honored through instances and turn-ins, you will be stuck with the frustrating and time-consuming task of having to run Shattered Halls and Steamvaults repeatedly once you reach 70 in order to get revered, which opens up some very nice rewards for some classes and allows you to get the heroic keys for instances in those areas.

    Even though I’m a serial solo quester and took that approach to level to 70, I now wish I’d taken the approach described above. It would have saved me much frustration trying to find groups for SH and SV just to get to revered, and reaching exalted will be an added exercise in frustration.

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