Awesome Guild Names

June 15, 2007 at 2:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Don’t forget to head on down there, a few posts to the south, and give Hilde an idea what our arena team name should be!  In the meantime, here’s a short list of incredibly awesome actual guild names in WOW:

< Holy Gnoman Empire >
< Naga Please >
< stole your bucket >
< Steaks on a Plain >
< The Cowbell Compels Me >
< dontmakemegetmymain >
< Blood Bath and Beyond >
< Straight Outta Hillsbrad >
< At Least We Have Stables >
< Hooters > (all-moonkin guild name)
< My Little Pwnies >
< The ORLY Factor >
< I Crit My Pants >
< Exalted with your Mom >
< Seal Cub Clubbing Club >
< We Killed Kenny >
< Boyz in DaHorde >
< It hurts when i Pvp >
< And Two Stealthed Rogues >
< Im thinkin arby’s >
< Gnomeland Security >
< Power Word Drunk >
< Dude Wheres my Mount >
< Built Horde Tough >
< Team Redundancy Team >
<Blood Bath and Beyond> 
<The Gnome Depot>

<WoW The Musical>

<Riders of Lindsay Lohan>

<Spaceballs The Guild>

<Nightmare on Elf Street>

<General Goods Merchant>


<Hangin’ With My Gnomies>

<Shamen Noodles>



  1. branywen said,

    OMG ‘The Cowbell Compels Me’ made me laugh really hard…and I’m partial to “Power Word Drunk” as well rofl

  2. Karis said,

    hahaha some of da best ones yet…

  3. Aetherstorm said,

    Definately the “cowbell compels me”

  4. kokoko said,

    Gnomeland security

  5. drmarten said,

    Honk if you love cookies

    all of the above are bleeding hollow ftw

  6. someguy said,

    Bleeding Hollow FTW, I’m in blood bath and beyond, only for a lil while though, and they suck

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