Strike yer colors, ya bloomin’ cockroaches

June 25, 2007 at 6:45 pm (Events)

barbosa.jpgHaving zerged Disneyworld and lived to tell the tale I’m ready to be available for instances runs and quest chain help.  Having been gone for so long though I’ve lost touch with what instances/quest chains everyone is working on at the here is your opportunity to put your 2 cents worth in and let me know how I can help all of you attain the magical level of 70 as quickly as possible (and possibly get some phat lewt in the process..heh).   

As always either Branywen or Nehalennia is available to help with those annoying quest chains that make you want to throw vendor trash at the screen….just find me when I’m online or drop me a note in the mail to look for you the next time I’m on.  To get the instance runs that all of you need at the moment though, and to make sure I don’t leave anyone out, please reply to this post with the list of instances you might be interested in at the moment and I’ll start scheduling a couple of nights a week for some runs.  If we have more than a few people that need a particular instance I’ll schedule the same instance for consecutive nights to make sure everyone gets their quest completions and if we don’t have a full group who needs quests we’ll take anyone who just wants some extra xp and loot.  For the low level instances we won’t need full groups (ex. Deadmines, Stockade, Shadowfang Keep, etc) and I’m happy to do a 20 minute zerg on those anytime you need me to. 

 I know that currently there is some interest in Maraudon, Zul’Farrak and Uldaman as well as the Warlock epic mount quest chain that will take us to Scholomance and Dire Maul West.   If there are any attunement chains, such as the mallet chain for Zul’Farrak, that you need to complete let me know as well so that you get the most xp out of our runs as possible.   

My goal is to run at least one lower level instance a week (meaning below level 60) and possibly schedule a level 60-70 instance every week as well for those of you who’ve hit 60 and need help getting the last leg up to 70.  Like the lower level ones, please reply to post with any Outland instance requests as well and we’ll schedule them according to interest and availability. 

With that said I’m really looking forward to seeing what instances we’ll be heading into in the next week or two and I know we’ll have a great time. 



  1. boazar said,

    I think we should just zerg everything up to a certain point. We can easily dust off up to ZF without any problems, even if some of the instances are a little long.

    After that, it becomes a bit harder.

    But yeah. We have enough alts (well, most of us do lol) where we can use some runs and help out other guildies as well.

    Oh, and we need to start recruiting end-game people again, and start scheduling runs for the level 70 instances and heroics. Just a thought.

  2. branywen said,

    I’m going to leave heroics and lvl 70 instances in Glen and Tami’s capable hands since I haven’t actually run any of them yet myself and due to my own time contraints. If I’m zerging VC and have to run afk for 10 minutes we’re still only going to be there 20 (hehe) but if I have to do that during an end-game type run it could be annoying to my fellow unless I know I have time to devote to it without interruption I won’t go there. Up to that point though I’d love to get some more runs in especially in Outland for our new 60+ folks. I’ll be happy to help out with attunement for Kara and so forth, but I’m not yet attuned myself. Going to look into that this week.

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