So You’ve Decided to Play a Mage: Version 2.1.

June 25, 2007 at 4:34 am (General, Strategy)

First off, let me start by saying, I’m so sorry. If you just barely rolled this character there is still time to choose the warlock, or the hunter, or even a shadow priest. Do it before it’s too late!!!!

Still with me eh? Fine. Either you are too heavily invested in this class, or too lazy to get an alt. I understand.

But seriously, playing a mage might be one of the most difficult classes to play. We don’t have any real survivability, we don’t have pets who can hold aggro for us, we have no healing spells, and yet numerous other classes can do just as much damage as we can.

So why play this class?

3 reasons.

1. You want to melt/freeze faces in a hurry. There is no greater satisfaction in this game when you are fighting a boss and 3 straight firebolts strike for 3.4k damage on a fully scorched target, and then another 1.4k damage ticks off for ignite. Or seeing your frostbolts hit for 2.5k and slow the target down as your water elemental deals damage right beside you. Mages have the highest burst damage in the game, and it shows.

2. You want to do loads of AoE damage. No other class has more tools at their disposal to eliminate a group of mobs. While farming in Netherstorm I can take on 5-6 mobs at a time and walk away. Granted, I’m low on health and mana, but everything around you is dead. So take a break. Eat a cinnamon roll and drink that crystal water, because you are king of that area for 5 minutes before respawns can kill you.

3. Sheep. In instances with humanoid/beast mobs, there is no better crowd control in the game. There isn’t a cooldown, and usually the effect will last throughout the entire spell, leaving you free to nuke away at the tank’s target.

So those are the three main reasons why one would play this class.

I’m Talented!

K so you have your uber mage named Raistling or Gandalfffe, or Mareius. You nuke some lowbie critters and eventually get to level 10. Whammo! Curveball over the plate! Talent builds!

Remember that this is very generic at this point.  I am merely giving you an overview on talents.  I will have a much more comprehensive talent blog coming up later this week.

A brief description of talent trees:

        Arcane: This tree is mainly used as a way of strengthening the other two trees. Inside this tree you will find things that help arcane spells, but general rule of thumb is that said spells are not mana-friendly enough to warrant their use.

Best things to spend points in: Arcane Concentration, Arcane Meditation, Arcane Mind, Presence of Mind, Arcane Instability, Arcane Power, Spell Power, Mind Mastery

Worst things to spend points in: Wand Specialization, Arcane Fortitude, Slow.

        Fire: Kablamo! This tree is for the people who like to blow things up, melt faces, light stuff on fire, etc. This tree is all about how to destroy using flame, period.

Best things to spend points in: Improved Fireball, Ignite, Burning Soul, Pyroblast, Improved Scorch, Master of Elements, Critical Mass, Blast Wave, Fire Power, Combustion, Pyromaniac, Molten Fury, Empowered Fireball, Dragon’s Breath

Worst things to spend points in: Improved Flamestrike, and, umm.. that’s it.

        Frost: Damage and survivability? BRILLIANT! This tree gets you lots of cool things to help you survive. Combined with the ability to have a very high critical hit rating on frozen targets, and this tree can dish out a good amount of damage as well.

Best things to spend points in:  Improved Frostbolt, Elemental Precision, Ice Shards, Improved Frost Nova, Frostbite (this one is iffy, I’ll get into more detail later) Cold Snap, Piercing Ice, Shatter, Frost Channeling, Ice Block, Imp. Cone of Cold, Ice Floes, Ice Barrier, Empowered Frostbolt, Water Elemental

Worst things to spend points in:  Frozen Core and.. Water Elemental?

So that’s it for now.  Actual talent build previews along with some more magey advice will come later this week.

Stay Tuned!



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