TWW Comedy Hour!!

June 26, 2007 at 3:23 pm (Events, General)

So for my next act…

We have some great comedians in this guild, and to highlight said comedy I am setting up a TWW Comedy hour!

I’m posting because I want to know when everyone thinks the best days to do it would be.  I know it will probably be twice a month. 

There is an incentive for doing this as well.  Whoever has the best stand-up wins 50g! 

A couple rules:

  •  The humor must be PG, or at the very very worst, PG-13 as long as it doesn’t contain any really bad words.  The occasional damn, hell, etc will be allowed as long as it doesn’t stray too far into other bad language.
  • No jokes about politics.  Politics are considered a very hot-button item.  Any jokes buffooning a political person will be considered in bad taste.
  • No “your mom” jokes.  These are lame anyways.
  • No religious jokes. 

 If people could post here please, and let me know what you think would be the best days, I’d appreciate it!




  1. Hildegarde said,

    I may bite… depending on whether or not I can come up with a good act that doesn’t involve ‘your mom’ jokes (damn regulations!). I can play for any night other than Thursdays, preferably after about 7 p.m. server time is best.

    It won’t be on vent, will it?

  2. boazar said,

    No, it won’t be on Vent. I’m thinking everyone will get 5-8 mins to make everyone laugh in a bar, getting drunk.

    Should be fun!

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