So You’ve Decided to Play a Mage: Talent Builds

July 19, 2007 at 5:10 pm (General, Strategy)

Still playing your mage eh? Glad to hear it. But what do you do with your talents?

I’m here to help.

I hope you have already read my previous post, so you have a good idea as to what the mage talent trees mean, and what each tree brings to the table.

So now we delve into the depths of the trees themselves!

Deep Arcane

I haven’t tried this build, because generally Arcane isn’t the most mana friendly. However, I have heard of some high level raiders using a very similar build, but you need some really good gear to make up for lack of survivability/overall damage.

Deep Fire/Raid build

This is a typical cookie cutter build, very popular for end-game raiding. You have to have really uber gear though. I wouldn’t suggest going to this build until you have around 700-800 +spell damage.

Deep Frost / Raid build

Deep frost builds generally don’t do as much DPS as the above fire build. The advantage here is aggro reduction in Ice Block (only real aggro wipe mages have, as Invisibility blows) and Ice Barrier. In reality though, you won’t lose as much DPS as you might think if you have enough +spell damage.

I would also suggest frost as the way to level. So much easier.

40 Arcane /21 Fire

You will see a lot of mages with this build. The added points to Mind Mastery can make up for any lack of +spell damage gear you may have. the purpose of this build is to utilize both Fire and Arcane with a nice balance.

40 Arcane / 21 Frost

This is purely an end-game build. Like above, you utilize the Arcane tree to make yourself a stronger mage overall, but in this case instead of getting the “ZOMG IWIN PYRO” macro you get Ice Block.

33 Arcane / 28 Fire

This is my current build. It can be tweaked numerous ways. I believe I have enough +spell damage now that I don’t need to compensate so much like others who go 40 Arcane. That way I do plenty of damage with fire spells without sacrificing too much overall by going into Arcane. I will probably keep a build like this while I go through Karazhan/heroics for another month or two.

PVP Frost Build

I’m linking this build to Faxmonkey. He’s a really good pvp mage. Not top tier, but not many are. He is also a serious raider as well, which shows with his gear.

Elementalist Build

PvP build. It’s one I’m considering doing after I do some heroic instances/Kara. Ice Block, Ice Barrier, Water Elemental, Blast Nova, etc… the ability to kite around people with this build makes it a great pvp build

AOE Grind Build

Good grinding build. Blast Nova, Improved Blizzard, Ice Block, Improved Cone of Cold. You could kill tons of mobs at once with this build.

So there is just an example of a few builds and what they bring to the table. I’ll have more as to what it means being a mage later on, and how to play one.



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Recruiting The Right Stuff

July 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

As some of you know, my position in TWW is GM of Recruitment. When we initially had our meeting deciding who was going to handle what, I volunteered for what I saw as the most important INITIAL goal of TWW: to grow in quality and quantity. Without many friends to play or what with, what’s the fun? Without people to help you out or to have enough friends to run Kara together, what’s the point of a guild? So I’ve been working on building our numbers up by recruiting as often as I can.

However, recruitment isn’t just my job — it’s all of yours. If you want to see TWW grow into one of the BEST casual guilds in WoW, it can’t be just up to me. You should always be looking for unguilded folk that are friendly, mature and fun — and you should always talk to them about how great TWW is and why they might consider joining up. All of us PUG, and those are good opportunities to look for quality players that could use a new home.

I also spend time recruiting in /1 general chat of whatever zone I’m in, or in /2 trade channel in cities (I know it’s a bit tacky, but sending a /2 message SPARINGLY sends a message to five cities instead of one zone). I guess I’m sort of well-known for humorous or offbeat recruit ads, and every week I try to write up a few more so they don’t get stale. I’m about to retire the following ads, but if you want to take them and use them on your own initiative, be my guest!

<Time Well Wasted> is family-friendly, alt-friendly, casual-friendly, and insane-friendly. Just because we worship a giant squirrel named Totti doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join up and serve with pride! PST for more info.

<Time Well Wasted> has been through the Dark Portal and promptly enlisted in the Burning Legion. It’s like the French Foreign Legion, but with more brimstone. Join <TWW> and make sure you’re on the winning side of the future… today!

<Time Well Wasted> has weathered Barrens chat, deathcoil, Chuck Norris, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise and every iteration of the word “noob”. Join us, and together we will rule the galaxy!

Join <Time Well Wasted> and access our exclusive guild hall! We’ve named it Ironforge and it’s stocked with vendors, eye candy and a hot tub to call our very own! <TWW> – We don’t let a lack of guild features stop us.

Take your gameplay to the next level! Er… actually, take a few steps back. Kick up your feet. Stop the grind and join the coolest laid-back guilds in the land! It’s “cool” to call yourself “cool”. PST for more info about <Time Well Wasted>.

<Time Well Wasted> is a guild tag that you can be PROUD of wearing. It’s built Ford tough, tastes like the San Fransisco treat, and is now made with 10% fruit juice! Check out the zany guild from Zimbabwe — PST for info!

<Time Well Wasted> is looking for a few off-kilter men and women who are dedicated to having a FUN time in the face of grinds and endless raids. Join us for a fresh perspective on a wonderful game! PST for info.

Join <Time Well Wasted>, and you’ll receive your own personal manservant, a complimentary mint on your hearthstone every night, and utilize a guild timeshare condo located in Onixya’s lair*. (*Okay, we lied. But we’re a pretty cool guild anyway! PST.)

<Time Well Wasted> has 40-manned a Sense of Humor, and lived to tell the tale! We have downed Boredom and looted [EPIC] ways of having fun! PST for more info!

<Time Well Wasted> is Chicken Soup for the Guild’s Soul — smooth, comforting and full of nutritous bits of non-flying foul. PST to get YOUR taste!

It bested the Boogeyman. It said “Candy Man” three times and lived. It even outlasted the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Furby. It’s… <Time Well Wasted>, the guild that ain’t afraid of your personal demons! PST for more info.

WoW shouldn’t be work, and <Time Well Wasted> is stepping up to fight against the mindless grind and obsession over loot. Join the guild with the smokey flavor and genuine sense of fun — PST to learn more!

Ever danced with a gnome in the pale moonlight? Done the boogie woogie with a tauren until you were lactose intolerant? Either way, if you’ve read this far, you’re the guildie for us! <Time Well Wasted> — we’re here to party.

<Time Well Wasted> puts hair on your chest. Builds character. Turns you from zero to hero. Takes putty and molds pure steel. Will help you build perfect abs using our patent 10g system. TWW is the guild that changed my life, and it can change yours!

<Time Well Wasted> is so masculine that our gnomes fall face-first under the weight of their chest hair. <Time Well Wasted> is so feminine that we know the mysteries of THAT aisle in the drug store. <Time Well Wasted> – our only gender is Awesome!

Lost? Confused? Struggling with the effects of athlete’s foot? <Time Well Wasted> understands, and we’re here if you need a hug. First one is free, the second one cost you your SOUL. Or a donut. Join today!

WoW is more than just grinding, and <Time Well Wasted> knows that! Join us for squirrel discussions, scavenger hunts, BASE jumping and more! PST for info.

Are you casual and quirky? Join <Time Well Wasted>, where we all have a 300 lethargy skill! PST for info.

Do you miss having fun in WoW? Need a guild that’s your friends, support group, mommy AND crazy uncle Larry all in one? Join <Time Well Wasted> and see what you’re missing! PST for info.

Squirrel worship. Frank discussions about gnome psychology. Suicide charges into The Undercity. An alt-a-holic meeting on Thursday nights. <Time Well Wasted> knows how to get you to 200 days /played without losing your sanity. PST for info!

We’re ALL nuts. And the squirrels know it. Your only hope for survival is to join <Time Well Wasted> and learn the ancient lore of Lotus Squirrel Repulsion. PST to start your revolution today!

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Karazhan Run: 7 PM Server Time, Sunday July 15 – SIGN UP HERE!

July 12, 2007 at 5:00 pm (Events, General)

Hello Everyone!

I’m planning a Kara run starting this Sunday, July 15th, at 7 PM Server Time.  It most likely won’t start at 7 server time (they never do hehe) so some leeway is granted there.  Chances are we might have to work with some friendly guilds or pug a few people. 

Please post here if you are keyed and would like to go.  Also post here if you need to get keyed, and I will help get runs together so people can go. 


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The Boazar Time Well Wasted Comedy Tour is Coming to your Inn! Sign Up Now!

July 11, 2007 at 3:24 pm (Events, General)

When:   Saturday, 8 server time.  Twice a month.  We start this Saturday.  Will probably go about an hour.

Where:  Random inns, probably in Stormwind or IF.

Who:  The people who sign up below. 

What:  No what involved.  NERD!

Why:  Because we can.  Sometimes you need a little humor to spice things up, to liven up the guild when everyone gets a little burnt out on grinding/instancing/pvp.  

So here’s the deal:

This initial post will also act as a sign up sheet.  You will sign up here if you want to participate.  Because of time constraints, we only have room for about 6-7 people with 8-10 minute routines.  Because of the time constraints, this will be a first come first joke rule.  If you wish to participate but don’t make the initial 6-7 one week, try again next week!

A blog will be made every other Monday to act as a sign up sheet.

Your routine must be clean.  PG, or PG-13 at worst.  No sex jokes, but the occasional sexual innuendo joke will be accepted.  No “your Mom” jokes.  You can work in pairs as well, if you want a comedy duo.

The routine will be done completely in /s chat. 

After everyone has done their routine, the crowd will message whoever is in charge of the event at the time (in case I can’t make it) with who they believe the winner to be. 

The winner will win 30g and, on some lucky days, a 16 slot bag!

The winner will not be able to win the contest again, but they can still participate if they so desire.

So sign up!  We start this Saturday night!

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Alt-itis and YOU

July 5, 2007 at 8:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Since I first got into MMORPGs, I’ve found myself absolutely addicted to rolling alts.  Whether it be Anarchy Online, FFXI, CoH/CoV, LOTRO or even DDO, I’ve never actually “maxed” out a character to its highest level before WoW (fun fact: last fall, Syp became my first maxed-out anything).  Like many of you, I roll alts for several reasons including:

1. To avoid burnout.  Burnout is the #1 killer of game enjoyment — when you’ve simply played something too much, to the point where it’s work and stressful to do.  Alts spice up things with variety, with “newness”, and give a new sense of purpose within the game.

2. To experience classes/races you’ve only seen from the outside.  Huh… so THAT’S why playing a druid is so tough!

3. To explore different professions and areas of the game (including quests) only available to that class.

There’s also danger in alts, however.  Alts hold back the progress of your main toon — after all, if you’re playing an alt, that’s time you could be putting into getting your main guy higher or better equipped.  Too many alts, and you start to lose your in-game identity; we often strongly identify with one name and one toon more than any others.  Even while I’m playing Ghostfire this summer, everyone calls me Syp.  Why?  Syp’s my identity, and what I’ll always think of when I consider my WoW career.

Right now I’m at level 46 for Ghostfire, having started her in early June.  I expect to hit Outland by the end of the month, and 70 by the end of August.  However, with Syp in dry-dock, I need a little alt variety in my life, and I’m considering rolling up one of the following classes I haven’t played (much):

* PALADIN: The last time I played one, it was 2004 and I was in open beta.  Got my toon up to 14 before the server wipe.  Since it was my first character, I never realized how powerful the whole bubble/stun thing was.  However, I’ve resisted playing them since, due to a stigma surrounding the class — their lack of variety, their slow leveling, lack of HOTs, etc.  But maybe it’s time for another chance.

* MAGE: Never rolled a mage.  Ever.  Don’t hate them, just haven’t done it.  It seems as if they have the highest potential damage output in exchange for the smallest flexible utility — yeah yeah, they have poly and water/food conjuring and those portals, but when people look to mages it’s pretty much for the BANG BANG YER DEAD and little else.  Maybe I’m wrong!

* ROGUE: I will never roll one of these.  May the class rot in hell.  (No offense to TWW rogues, but offense a-plenty to the rogue jerks I’ve met over the years, including one today in ZF who got our group wiped twice, then left.)

* PRIEST: Never got one past 22.  I feel as if they may be too similar to Warlocks in a sense (shadow damage, DOT-dealer, clothie) to give me true variety.

* SHAMAN: I have Seed, who stalled out at 44.  Very unimpressed with the mana inefficiency and having to spam totems each and every fight.

* WARRIOR: Never rolled one.  Never felt the urge.

Or perhaps I’ll just work on getting Snappi, my slow-leveling 44 druid, up to Outland.  Birdy-form!

What do you guys think?

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