The Boazar Time Well Wasted Comedy Tour is Coming to your Inn! Sign Up Now!

July 11, 2007 at 3:24 pm (Events, General)

When:   Saturday, 8 server time.  Twice a month.  We start this Saturday.  Will probably go about an hour.

Where:  Random inns, probably in Stormwind or IF.

Who:  The people who sign up below. 

What:  No what involved.  NERD!

Why:  Because we can.  Sometimes you need a little humor to spice things up, to liven up the guild when everyone gets a little burnt out on grinding/instancing/pvp.  

So here’s the deal:

This initial post will also act as a sign up sheet.  You will sign up here if you want to participate.  Because of time constraints, we only have room for about 6-7 people with 8-10 minute routines.  Because of the time constraints, this will be a first come first joke rule.  If you wish to participate but don’t make the initial 6-7 one week, try again next week!

A blog will be made every other Monday to act as a sign up sheet.

Your routine must be clean.  PG, or PG-13 at worst.  No sex jokes, but the occasional sexual innuendo joke will be accepted.  No “your Mom” jokes.  You can work in pairs as well, if you want a comedy duo.

The routine will be done completely in /s chat. 

After everyone has done their routine, the crowd will message whoever is in charge of the event at the time (in case I can’t make it) with who they believe the winner to be. 

The winner will win 30g and, on some lucky days, a 16 slot bag!

The winner will not be able to win the contest again, but they can still participate if they so desire.

So sign up!  We start this Saturday night!


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