Karazhan Run: 7 PM Server Time, Sunday July 15 – SIGN UP HERE!

July 12, 2007 at 5:00 pm (Events, General)

Hello Everyone!

I’m planning a Kara run starting this Sunday, July 15th, at 7 PM Server Time.  It most likely won’t start at 7 server time (they never do hehe) so some leeway is granted there.  Chances are we might have to work with some friendly guilds or pug a few people. 

Please post here if you are keyed and would like to go.  Also post here if you need to get keyed, and I will help get runs together so people can go. 




  1. boazar said,

    Just to clarify, I am only going to take people who post here. I need to know how many can go/ want to go. Randomly having people show up at the designated time doesn’t work. I need a headcount of people who want to go, and who are keyed so I can talk to other guilds about getting a few people to come with us.

    So please post here if you can go.

    Thank you!


  2. Tami said,

    Hello, Sadly I will not be able to make the Kara run this Sunday because I’ll be visiting my family in the moutains. I do howevera have great news for you… A list of people who I know or who have done Kara with me in the past. For you who are unaware we are grouped with 4 “sister” like guilds. 1. Tenacious D 2. Unbroken 3. Knights of Illusion 4. Shadows of Azeroth. I have told each guild master and asked them post the Kara run in there Guild Mess and have them contact Boa. Yes, sometimes it takes like an hr or more to get things started so be prepared. Also I suggest you be prepared to whip 20 times, and take as many healing/mana pots as you can get your hands on. I’ll try to come back in time to see some action, but do not wait or save me a spot. Here are some names of actual char who have gone with me in the past.

    Ardarel ( moonkin)
    Epsilon (tank)
    Nourishment ( great healer)
    Venik ( not only a great healer but also knows kara well)
    Iroha ( healer)
    Chuckporris ( tank or dps war can’t remember)
    Samitsu (druid great off tank or back up heals)
    Martty (war from our guild)
    Fatherkiss ( healer)
    Robek (feral druid)
    Daeja (rouge)
    Shadowzfall (mage)

    (there are more but I didn’t write everyone down, like I said b/4 if you talk to any of these people they can get more people or get you to who you need)

    Venik, is a really nice guy BUT I will tell you now that if your asking him and he brings someone from his guild they have to go, or he’ll not go, and he’s worth having trust me.

    I know Turtle, Ark and LiL really want to go, but I think they might be working Sunday.

    Remember to Join our channle Karazhanallied! Not to many people in there BUT they can get you to who you need to be.


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