So You’ve Decided to Play a Mage: Talent Builds

July 19, 2007 at 5:10 pm (General, Strategy)

Still playing your mage eh? Glad to hear it. But what do you do with your talents?

I’m here to help.

I hope you have already read my previous post, so you have a good idea as to what the mage talent trees mean, and what each tree brings to the table.

So now we delve into the depths of the trees themselves!

Deep Arcane

I haven’t tried this build, because generally Arcane isn’t the most mana friendly. However, I have heard of some high level raiders using a very similar build, but you need some really good gear to make up for lack of survivability/overall damage.

Deep Fire/Raid build

This is a typical cookie cutter build, very popular for end-game raiding. You have to have really uber gear though. I wouldn’t suggest going to this build until you have around 700-800 +spell damage.

Deep Frost / Raid build

Deep frost builds generally don’t do as much DPS as the above fire build. The advantage here is aggro reduction in Ice Block (only real aggro wipe mages have, as Invisibility blows) and Ice Barrier. In reality though, you won’t lose as much DPS as you might think if you have enough +spell damage.

I would also suggest frost as the way to level. So much easier.

40 Arcane /21 Fire

You will see a lot of mages with this build. The added points to Mind Mastery can make up for any lack of +spell damage gear you may have. the purpose of this build is to utilize both Fire and Arcane with a nice balance.

40 Arcane / 21 Frost

This is purely an end-game build. Like above, you utilize the Arcane tree to make yourself a stronger mage overall, but in this case instead of getting the “ZOMG IWIN PYRO” macro you get Ice Block.

33 Arcane / 28 Fire

This is my current build. It can be tweaked numerous ways. I believe I have enough +spell damage now that I don’t need to compensate so much like others who go 40 Arcane. That way I do plenty of damage with fire spells without sacrificing too much overall by going into Arcane. I will probably keep a build like this while I go through Karazhan/heroics for another month or two.

PVP Frost Build

I’m linking this build to Faxmonkey. He’s a really good pvp mage. Not top tier, but not many are. He is also a serious raider as well, which shows with his gear.

Elementalist Build

PvP build. It’s one I’m considering doing after I do some heroic instances/Kara. Ice Block, Ice Barrier, Water Elemental, Blast Nova, etc… the ability to kite around people with this build makes it a great pvp build

AOE Grind Build

Good grinding build. Blast Nova, Improved Blizzard, Ice Block, Improved Cone of Cold. You could kill tons of mobs at once with this build.

So there is just an example of a few builds and what they bring to the table. I’ll have more as to what it means being a mage later on, and how to play one.



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