Guild rules and guidelines

September 5, 2007 at 2:39 pm (General)

I think it’s time to summarize our general guild rules and guidelines in a posting, so here goes:

No swearing in guild chat.  This one is pretty simple.  Most of us are adults/teenagers.  We should know better than to curse in guild chat.  Go form a party if you so desire if you wish to swear.  Swearing will not be tolerated, and you will get a warning if you choose to do so.  Further bad language will lead to a slap with the probation stick. 

Derogatory terms are not to be used in guild chat.  Saying something “is gay” would be considered an example.  Please don’t say it.  Same rules as above apply. 

Be friendly to others.  Don’t despairage against others for being new to the game, not understanding certain things in the game, etc. 

Avoid arguments.  We heartily accept having discussions about gear, what’s the best spec, etc., but we want to avoid getting heated up over such discussions.  There should be no need for something so trivial as discussing a game to come to name-calling. 

Begging will not be tolerated, especially if you are a new player.  If you haven’t been around more than a month, and you beg in guild chat you will be dealt with harshly.  Even if you aren’t a new player, and have been with us for a while, please refrain from begging.  What goes under the begging headline?  Asking for gold, money for respeccing, asking for runs through VC a thousand times, begging someone to come quest with you, etc.  Just don’t do it.  We have been burned by too many people and too much drama has been created because of begging for money, and then never getting it back. 

Loot Rules

Party rules in instances/groups should be as follows: 

Bind on Equip greens:  Greed on every BoE green unless it is an upgrade for you.

Bind on Pickup greens:  Greed roll on these, and if someone needs it roll need.

Bind on Equip Blues:  Greed roll, unless you need it. 

Bind on Pickup Blues:  Pass unless you need it. 

ALL EPICS:  First off, if it is a raid it should be on Master Loot.  If for some reason an epic drops in a regular instance, or in heroics, do not roll on it at all.  YOU MUST PASS ON IT AND A GENERAL ROLL WILL TAKE PLACE LATER ON WHO CAN ROLL FOR IT. 

In short, don’t be a bonehead.  Don’t roll on something your class can’t use, and never roll on an epic item.  If word comes around to any sort of ninja activity by a player, that player will be kicked from the guild and labeled server-wide as a ninja. 

So don’t do it. 

So to summarize:

keep it clean.

keep it fun.

keep it relaxed.

don’t be a beggar or a ninja. 

and most of all, have fun!




  1. Brany said,

    Well said Boaz! And thank you for laying the rules down for us..sometimes it helps us all to see it in black and white. 🙂

  2. gold said,

    Getting caught up with differant rules, with differant groups in the past, it is easy for someone to mess up. Suggest a simple chat message be saved and sent as BOE and BOP appear. Having a key macro to state”greed unless needed”, is faster then condemming a mistake. Having more then one toon, do not even ask me if something “plate”, is better then what I have. Every drop I have to stop fighting, punch up my toon, and look. Many times I have been caught with four fights for survival, and the “drop” pops up, not knowing what the heck to decide! Perhaps even a simple note on the guild site of how to make this macro for others would be helpful. Also had the experience of my message chat background not being changed, having all messages blend in to same background color. So no message readable. Suggest everyone darken the background so this never happens, especially in an instance!

  3. Almorez said,

    Well said boaz ^^

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