Growing The Guild (and movin’ on up to the east side…)

September 10, 2007 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

A while back, I talked about how to promote the guild and help with the recruitment process.  Today, we’re going to discuss something a little bit different, but also similar: how to make TWW a guild worth being in.

Many guildies, particularly new peeps, ask how they can get promoted.  Although the move from “New” to “Private” is somewhat automatic after we’ve seen you for a week or so, promotions after that depend on the following:

1. Are you active?  We don’t mean time-wise here — are you involved in guild chat, teaming up for instance runs, and looking to be more than just a wallflower?

2. Are you friendly and helpful?  WoW can really appeal to our selfish natures, with loot and character advancement, but part of being a guild is getting past yourself to help OTHERS advance.  As a team, we can do more together than ever apart.

3. Do you act immature or mature?  Guess which one we don’t usually promote.

4. Do you beg in guild chat, borrow money and never repay, act like a jerk to non-guildies, or start drama?  Not only will you never be promoted, you’ll most likely see a /gkick in your future.

5. Do you take the initiative to help the guild, grow it, recruit others, and think up new ways to make TWW better?

Sergeants, officers and GMs are (hopefully) people who exemplify the best qualities that our guild has to offer.  Nobody’s perfect, and neither are we, but we should all be trying.  BE involved.  BE social.  GO on runs with guildies.  OFFER help and mats and assistance.  DON’T suck up, but just be the best you can be.



  1. boazar said,

    But I hate the east side..

    Good post as always!

  2. darkfaygo said,

    blasphemy Boazer!

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