Gone…but you ain’t gettin rid of me for good.

September 13, 2007 at 3:39 am (Uncategorized)

Well..I did it.  I finally decided to take a much needed break.  It has nothing to do with the game, the guildies or anything of that nature.  Basically it came down to time.  As you all know my free time is very limited (non existent some days ) and I didn’t feel that I was getting my money’s worth.  Having only an hour or two every other evening doesn’t justify what I spend.  My family comes first and always will and right now family life is, in a word, NUTS.  TWWis my second family.  I say IS because I’ve met some wonderful people that I will miss antagonizing …uh..er..I mean..socializing with on a daily basis and I have no intention of giving that up forever.   I just need to take a step back and regroup.  It also bothered me that I would have to constantly tell guildies “NO” when asked to help with instances.  I felt that I was saying NO more often than I would like and that I should just take myself out of the equation all together.   I know what I want to do, but having time to do it is just very difficult for me right now.   As I said..I have no intention of leaving forever ..(It’ll be a miracle if I last a week!!) but I’m going to give it a shot and see if things calm down.  I haven’t really scratched the surface of WoW yet and the game still has some entertainment in store for me when I actually do get the chance to sit and enjoy it.   Upon my return I would LOVE to finally get attuned for Karazhan and actually have time to run it and any other instance that may come up. 

 Of course, with three children, I’m never going to be COMPLETELY free.  It never fails that smack in the middle of a boss fight one of them is going to be sick, injured, lost, broken, needy, hungry, thirsty, tired, annoyed, obnoxious, sad, excited, confused, angry, elated or have one of those “I wanted to tell you something but can’t remember what was so important that I had to get out of bed and find you and tell you what is was” moments.  I do hope, however, that things will get to a point so that at “bedtime” I am relatively worry free and will be able to spend some time doing a bit of what I enjoy and that it will be more of a relaxing endeavor than a stressful one. 

I will miss everyone while I’m gone…well..ALMOST everyone.  And worst case scenario I’ll be back at the end of December when I give my daughter her own account for Christmas.  I’m not very convinced that I’ll make it that long without a WoW fix..but I’m going to try my best.  Could be a  day, week, month, months or longer..but if it does take a while for me to get back I wanted all to know why.  So keep a weather eye on the horizon and sleep with one eye open because I WILL be back.

And remember…Big Valdemort is always watching.


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