Ever wonder how many arena points your getting each week?

October 30, 2007 at 4:04 pm (1)

Well here’s what happeneds when I have free time and the W.O.W. server is down. I actaully read things that pertain to the game. LoL! Amazing I know. But, any hooo I alway look forward to Tuesday to see how many new arena points I have gotten from the

Previous week, well now I wait no more. I found an Arena Calculator!



The website has lots of other kool stuff to check out as well, I didn’t know it was there so maybe some of you didn’t as well. Check it out and I’ll see you all on the flip side.

“Be Safe”



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I didn’t know Ichabod Crane worked for the Scarlet Crusade..

October 19, 2007 at 2:19 pm (General)

Every once in a while, Blizzard has a fantastic idea for an event, or a holiday.

This year, for Hallow’s End, we get the Headless Horseman boss. 

He’s a heroic-level 70 boss in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard.  He’s not really that tough, but we attempted to 4-man him essentially with me on Tyrista, then realized we didn’t have enough dps so I switched over to Boaz to light him on fire, as I do.

Turns out you can reset the instance and run him again.  and again.  and again.  Up to 5 hours on one account I believe is what Syp said.

So not only is he a cool looking boss with a little bit of a challenge, he also drops epics and broomsticks. 

He drops this ridiculous plate helm I wish I could somehow get for Tyrista but I don’t know if I will have the chance.  I can’t tank the horseman at lvl 64, and I don’t do enough dps. 

I suppose I could switch to arms/fury and then respecc back to prot after we fight him a couple times… 

Anyways, back to the loot.

He has dropped two epic rings so far.  A caster ring and a melee dps ring. 

The broomsticks he drops are a one-use only, sadly, so they aren’t that much use.  Still kind of cool though.

It’s too bad anyone low level won’t see this again.  This was fun. 

For everyone else who can run it, my guess is every lvl 70 in the guild will get plowed through there for the epics while he still exists!

Cheers to Hallow’s End!

/goes to Gadgetzan
//prefers Noggenfogger anyday to some of the costume wands

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Addons and you

October 15, 2007 at 4:19 pm (Blogroll, General)

Addons.  There are those in the game that claim addons are cheating.  Others use so many addons that the original WoW interface is completely gone. 

So you choose to get some addons.  You want a completely customizable button setup, or you want a way to help sell auctions faster.  Or perhaps you want a mod to help  you with end-game raids. 

I’m here to help. 

The first mod everyone should get (regardless of level) is a threat meter.  This most certainly is not required, but it definitely makes boss fights a whole heck of a lot easier when you can manage your threat better.

The two most popular are KTM Threat Meter and Omen.  I prefer Omen, because it does a better job of warning you when you are about to pull aggro (my screen blinks red and a warning comes up saying “reached 90% of Bob the Tank’s aggro!), so I would actually suggest Omen, but either one is fine.

Another great mod is Atlas.  There are two separate add-ons for this:  Atlas Maps and Atlas Loot.  I would suggest both.  These addons make it much easier to pull up maps for instances and check to see what phat loot will drop from bosses/trash. 

So what’s next? 

Deadly Boss Mod.  This one is only for end-game raids.  What it does is help you easily track what each boss is doing with their special abilities.  Moroes about to vanish?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when he’s about to.  Big Bad Wolf about to turn someone into Little Red Riding Hood?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when to run for your life. 

Want to rule the auction house like a queen?  Or how about knowing what items will disenchant into what dust/shards?  Then you’ll want Auctioneer Suite.  This mod will let you easily put in items at a discounted rate.  Not only that, but it will also tell you how much per item a stack of bronze bars will sell for.  Want to sell 2 bronze bars rather than a stack?  Auctioneer will tell you what to sell them at to maximize your profit. 

On top of that, items that drop will show a new window which will show the vendor selling price.  “Do I disenchant this item for the possibility of a shard, or do I sell it to a vendor for 9g 18s?”  With Auctioneer Suite, you’ll know which one will make you more cash.

A couple other ones:

TrinketMenu.  This mod will bring up a 2-button window on your screen.  What it does is track every trinket you have in your bags for easy swapping out.  No muss, no fuss.

Bongos.  This is a completely customizable UI button setup.  You can make as many buttons as you want on your screen as you want, along with re-shaping the size of your map buttons, re-arranging where you have your pet/caster bars, etc.  Completely customizable.  I like it for Boazar, because he has a billion buttons that may not always be in use, but it’s nice to have them all in one central area.

Titan Panel.  Great little addon that adds two bars on your screen.  You can display how much gold you have on you, how much ammo you have, how much xp you need to level, what your xp/hour is, your x,y coordinates, etc.  Great addon that’s stupidly easy to install and use.

Lightheaded.  This is a great one for questing.  It pulls up every comment from Wowhead.com and puts it into a 2nd screen on your quest log.  Every single quest will pull up with posted comments from Wowhead.  You can get locations for mobs, the start/end location of the quest, how much xp/rep you will get, etc.  Very nice mod. 

I will be adding links to easily download these mods and the general WoW addon websites later.  That’s what I get for typing this up at work.


Until then, you can do a Google search for Curse Gaming, which is a big one where you can get almost every addon I’ve described.  For Lightheaded, search for “Lightheaded WoW addon.” 


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“Somebody Poked Thrall!”

October 13, 2007 at 1:11 pm (1) (, , )

Being in TWW doesn’t just mean the same-old, same-old — we do try to do fun, unique events that other guilds don’t!  Case in point, Friday night’s Great RFC Raid into the heart of Horde territory: Orgrimmar.

Trembling with fear and anticipation, twelve brave TWW guildies banded together in a raid outside of Org.  Our cast of characters include: Pendoor, Vick, Elisabeta (Val), Cybel, Syp, Nikki, Naheed, Mythicor, Hildegarde (welcome back), Felstar, Ain and Golld.

The plan was simple: ride into Org and make it, somehow, to Ragefire Chasm, the Horde newbie instance.  Once there, lunge in and down the end boss as fast as possible.  We predicted many casualties from the Org guards as well as Horde characters who’d see our PVP-flagged butts as an insult to their fair city, so we stripped down to our skivvies to avoid repair bill costs.  Myth bought a suit of level 12 armor for the occasion.

Surprisingly enough, we dashed into RFC almost unchallenged and unscathed.  Our epic mounts quickly outran the guards, and aside from Val whining about getting lost, our morale was high.  Unfortunately, only 10 of the 12 raid members could get into RFC, leaving Hilde and Golld out in the cold to be chewed up by the guards.

RFC went quickly, even with some loot ninjas (what?  WHAT?) to worry about.  Kill, run, kill, run.  Then, the real fun began: getting out.

Hilde reported that the Horde did notice us, and a hunter was waiting outside the entrance.  We buffed up, suited up, and strode back out.  The Hordie was quickly dispatched, along with various NPCs and spawning level-65 non-elite guards.  The guards kept us on our toes, but it wasn’t a serious threat.  The real threat came from the Horde players who finally gathered together to take us on in force.  It was a fierce PVP battle, to be sure, with several casualties on both sides.  Eventually, TWW wiped completely, and we ran back from the spirit healer with the determination to try one last time.  Bloody their nose a bit.

Back into RFC to catch our breath, rebuff, heal up.  Our second charge at the enemy troops, not unlike 300, was doomed from the start.  They had the advantage and the NPC guards to help out; we had Val’s caustic wit and Hilde screaming “Why oh why did I come back to the guild?”  I decided to be a total coward and desert my friends, and head up for a bit of sight-seeing.

I had a mission: to down Thrall.

It looked bad.  I had six guards on me, whittling me down as I ran out of the valley, and I was popping healthstones and pots to stay alive.  Strangely enough, after a while, the guards left me alone — I guess you CAN outrun city guards.  I paused, healed, mounted up, and rode like the little demented gnome I am into the middle of Horde H.Q.  With the mount lag, I was able to stay mounted about halfway in, giving me a head start over the elite guards who quickly noticed my presence (along with a Horde warrior who was there).  I was doomed, but before I crumpled to the floor in death, I did what I came to do.

I threw Curse of Agony on Thrall.

Seeing those damage numbers tick away after I died was one of the happiest WoW experiences I’ve ever had.  TK logged onto his Horde toon to see the battle from a different perspective (and almost got killed by a TWW guildie), and reported back that a character yelled in Org chat, “Sombody poked Thrall!”

Good times.  Great raid by all!

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More Comments From The Officer Meeting

October 9, 2007 at 7:27 pm (1)

Val and Glen chimed in with comments, which I’ll repost here just in case you missed them.

Just to put my two cents worth in here..I am sticking with the “nautical” theme for ranks. It’s funny, different and easy to determine who the officers and gm’s are. I mean… if you can’t go to the Captain, Admiral or Commodore for assistance then there must have been a mutiny and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’m also looking forward to some “silly” events. My time online is so limited these days and I feel like I’m losing touch with people with whom I used to be close (well..as close as you can in WoW). I’m not loot obsessed, I’d rather hang out, enjoy the game and the people I hang with. Having some sort of guild event would also be great way to get to know some of the new faces before you are tossed smack into the middle of Heroic SL with them.

And last but not least..on “sponsoring” new guildies. In general I think it is a good idea. It will be nice to know just who invited who to the guild and be able to talk to the inviting officer and find out just WHY they invited. A lot of time new guildies are brought in and it seems like no one can remember just who invited or why they were invited in the first place and it usually ends up with a /gkick. On the other hand the inviting officer can’t always be on at the exact same time as the new recruit so working as a “sponsor” could end up being rather difficult and lead to a “Do YOU know what YOUR new recruit did?” blame game”. I think just tagging the new recruits note with who shot the invite to them is well enough so you’d have someone to report them to. (Maybe that’s the general idea of it anyway..dunno) I don’t think any of our officers would intentionally invite someone to the guild if they knew they were going to turn out to be a bad egg.

GLEN: To respond to Val, I think the concept of the sponsor is so that the officers and GM’s know who to talk to if a concern develops. In many cases, the sponsor will have valuable information that could prevent assumptions from taking on lives of their own. Also, the sponsor may have an existing relationship allowing the sponsor to address concerns more constructively. A whisper from someone who knows the new member that his behavior may be a bit over-the-top will more often be interpreted as a friendly reminder than a scolding, and tends to generate better result in the long term.

As a note to the guild at large, let me add that the recent emphasis on more formal rules and procedures isn’t the precurser to a TWW police state. We are working hard to renovate the guild to improve our objective of providing an environment where casual, friendly, mature gamers can enjoy the company of others seeking the same thing. Nobody here gets a charge out of kicking someone. We hate having to occasionally take serious action to preserve the atmosphere that we hope will continue to attract the type of helpful, friendy and mature players that we all want to spend our time with. Real life offers enough drama without having to manufacture it in a virtual world.

I’d also like to say welcome to our many newcomers. I’ve had the pleasure of running a few instances with some of you and it has been a great time. To those I have not really “met” yet, I look forward to doing so soon. I’m excited that we seem to be attracting the same type of friendly, helpful players that all of us in the guild leadership strive to be.

Finally, a few requests. If you have concerns with anything, or suggestions on how we can continue to improve, please let an officer or GM know. Also, if you plan on running an instance, consider mentioning it in guild chat to see if anyone else may be interested. Running instances together is a great chance to get to know each other. Last, look for opportunities to help others. Happy questing!

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Hellgate: TWW

October 8, 2007 at 5:49 pm (1) ()

One of the reasons why we made a blog our official guild hangout spot is not just for guild-related news and discussions, but also to chew the fat about gaming (and WoW) in general.

Although we all obviously like WoW, it doesn’t stop us from looking at other MMOs, too, with the hope that TWW will go on and survive in other games as well.  With many of the more promising upcoming  MMOs delayed from 2007 to 2008 (Warhammer, Conan, Pirates), the only interesting online RPG that I’m eying is Mr. Hellgate: London — which coincidentally is released this Halloween.

Hellgate’s connection to WoW isn’t just lip service (there is the BIGGEST fly in this room right now, it’s like a B-52 with germs).  Hellgate’s design team is mostly made up of ex-Blizzard employees who worked on Diablo and Diablo II.  Hence why many people are calling Hellgate “Diablo 3” — the hell theme is present, as is fast-and-furious RPG hack-n-slash action.  If you go ahead and get the preorder, you’ll be instantly admitted into the beta, which continues for the rest of the month.  I’m in it, but unfortunately unable to discuss it due to the NDA.

However, I can comment on a few things that are public knowledge.  Hellgate is comprised of six classes (three types and two subtypes each), with skills and talent trees that are somewhat familiar if you play WoW or Diablo.  However, while there are stats and talent choices, the action is mostly a giant click-fest pitting you against a swarm of baddies filled to the brim with loot.

It’s hard to decide whether Hellgate is a bonafide MMO — while it has several components of MMOs (including persistent characters, playing with loads of other people), it lacks a persistent world (Hellgate’s is largely instanced).  You can also choose to be a “free player” or an “elite” subscriber; free players just pay for the box and can play on and offline as much as they like, grouping with other people and joining guilds if they like.  Elite players get more benefits, including more content that will arrive on a regular basis, the ability to create guilds and be an officer, more loot and better looks.  You can pay $10/month for an elite subscription, if that’s your bag.

I’ll definitely be playing this come October 31 — and hope to see you there!

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Officer Minutes 10/7

October 8, 2007 at 3:22 am (1) (, , , )

TWW Officers’ Meeting Minutes, 10/7/07

RECRUITMENT — We urge all of the officers (and the guild) to keep their eyes out for great potential new members. New potential recruits must now follow this process to get accepted into the guild:

1. An officer or GM must conduct an interview with the person to make sure they’d be a good fit for TWW.
2. The potential recruit MUST go to the TWW blog and read the three links on the sidebar: rules, recruitment and conduct.
3. Once accepted into the guild, the inviting officer or GM must put an officer note saying who invited them. The inviting officer will be that person’s “sponsor” for a while, and will have to deal with the person if they get out of line.

ALT NOTING — Everyone should be helping us ID alts in the public notes for clarity, etc..

DKP AND LOOT ISSUES — There hasn’t ever been, nor ever will be a DKP system, etc. for TWW. All members are expected to read and understand the loot drop rules, and every member of a raid is allowed to roll if the gear applies to their class and is an upgrade.

NINJA LOOT — is an instant /gkick offense.

RANKINGS — Are up for future changes, possibly along the lines of a pirate or nautical theme. The ranks will continue to be easily understood by all guildies.

BLOG — Officers are expected to help out with blog writing and promotion, and should encourage the guildies to read it.

** Boazar adds the following comments: **

I’d like to state some reasons as to why these changes are being made (or in some cases, some guild rules being re-stated.)

We want to make this a guild we consider to be a 2nd home. We want to make this place as drama-free as possible, and we feel by doing the above steps we can keep out the riff-raff and also accentuate what makes TWW a great casual guild.

We have some fun events coming though, which should bring some fun to the table. We also are working on getting as many of our lvl 70’s Kara keyed. If we need to schedule runs to do so, please let an officer know.

Also, if anyone ever has a problem with someone else in the guild, don’t hesistate to come to an officer/co-gm/me. We are here to help.

– Boazar

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Your Express Pass To Outland

October 4, 2007 at 2:03 pm (1) (, , )

Before we get into all that, we had a decent run in Kara last night — Midnight down, but Moroes was a bit trickier. He’s got a really nasty attack that will leave you bleeding for five flippin’ minutes, and unless you have a jaunty pally in your group, you’re just going to have to deal. We did have three awesome healers who were handing out HOTs like candy to keep us up, but the best we did was getting him down to 2%. That was a kick in the sphincter, but oh well. We still kick butt like nobody’s business.

And Tami managed, at times, to top Boaz in DPS. I think Boaz’s shoulders are holding him back from true power.

Anyway, today’s post is for everyone either leveling a main or an alt up to that all-important 58 and on to Outland. Obviously, Blizz did a great job with Outland, in that there’s a crapload of stuff to do, gobs of experience for the taking (if you’re moving along, it’s not impossible to hit 70 after completing three of the seven zones), moolah and awesome gear upgrades. So a pre-58 character isn’t as concerned nowadays with hitting dungeons for gear upgrades or any of that malarkey — they just want to level up as fast as possible.

Here’s a few tips from a guy who’s done far too many alts for his own sanity:

  • In the 2.3 patch, Blizz will be increasing 20-60 quest experience and lowering the amount of XP per level, so no matter what, you’ll level faster.
  • Get someone to port or hearth you to Shatt, even if you’re pre-10, and set your hearth there. The portals are invaluable to jump around Azeroth without using ships.
  • Using Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide is the fastest way I’ve ever leveled — it shoots you from 30 to 60 far faster than you’d be able to on your own.
  • If questing is not for you (or you’ve done them too many times), then here’s a couple grinding guides: One, Two
  • Helpful Leveling Tips
  • It’s usually worth it to get someone to help you blitz both Deadmines and SM at those respective levels, for great gear upgrades — but skip the other dungeons. Nobody runs the other ones anyway.

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TWW: A New Hope

October 2, 2007 at 2:11 pm (1) ()

Hey guys… so, check out the new look and feel of our blog!  Like it?  Well… screw you then.  Ah, just kidding.  You might be interested in a few of the new links over to the right there, that link to essential TWW Must-Knows: rules, conduct, recruitment.  If you’re new or never read these, do so NOW.

As many regular (and even new) TWW members have noticed, lately we’ve seen a shakeup of the guild.  Here’s the skinny on what’s going on:

1. Chiv and Winter have left the game for (semi-)good, and have handed over the GM keys to the officers, so that we can make some much-needed changes and work on getting TWW as good as it can be.

2. We’ve lost a few people but gained a ton more — welcome, if you’re new!  We really hope you like TWW and help us make this guild into one of the best on Rexxar.  Don’t just join and sit back, all quiet-like, never grouping up and never saying a peep.  TWW is based around friendship and helpful attitudes.

3. We’ve started to separate the chaff from the wheat (Bible reference ftw!).  If a character hasn’t logged on for six or more months, it’s gone.   If you’re begging, borrowing gold and not repaying, being an immature idiot, or causing friction — gone.  It won’t be a slaughter, we just want to remove elements from the guild that are making TWW less-than-fun.

4. Well… this blog got started up again!  Ain’t it nifty!  And we’ll, like, post more often!

5. We’ve actually been making headway in Kara, putting together 10-man teams more often now.   Kara, and other 5-man instance runs, are the BEST way for you to hang out and have fun with your guildies.  It’s a blast!  If you’re in the middle of the Kara attunement process and need help, please let us know!

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