TWW: A New Hope

October 2, 2007 at 2:11 pm (1) ()

Hey guys… so, check out the new look and feel of our blog!  Like it?  Well… screw you then.  Ah, just kidding.  You might be interested in a few of the new links over to the right there, that link to essential TWW Must-Knows: rules, conduct, recruitment.  If you’re new or never read these, do so NOW.

As many regular (and even new) TWW members have noticed, lately we’ve seen a shakeup of the guild.  Here’s the skinny on what’s going on:

1. Chiv and Winter have left the game for (semi-)good, and have handed over the GM keys to the officers, so that we can make some much-needed changes and work on getting TWW as good as it can be.

2. We’ve lost a few people but gained a ton more — welcome, if you’re new!  We really hope you like TWW and help us make this guild into one of the best on Rexxar.  Don’t just join and sit back, all quiet-like, never grouping up and never saying a peep.  TWW is based around friendship and helpful attitudes.

3. We’ve started to separate the chaff from the wheat (Bible reference ftw!).  If a character hasn’t logged on for six or more months, it’s gone.   If you’re begging, borrowing gold and not repaying, being an immature idiot, or causing friction — gone.  It won’t be a slaughter, we just want to remove elements from the guild that are making TWW less-than-fun.

4. Well… this blog got started up again!  Ain’t it nifty!  And we’ll, like, post more often!

5. We’ve actually been making headway in Kara, putting together 10-man teams more often now.   Kara, and other 5-man instance runs, are the BEST way for you to hang out and have fun with your guildies.  It’s a blast!  If you’re in the middle of the Kara attunement process and need help, please let us know!


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