Your Express Pass To Outland

October 4, 2007 at 2:03 pm (1) (, , )

Before we get into all that, we had a decent run in Kara last night — Midnight down, but Moroes was a bit trickier. He’s got a really nasty attack that will leave you bleeding for five flippin’ minutes, and unless you have a jaunty pally in your group, you’re just going to have to deal. We did have three awesome healers who were handing out HOTs like candy to keep us up, but the best we did was getting him down to 2%. That was a kick in the sphincter, but oh well. We still kick butt like nobody’s business.

And Tami managed, at times, to top Boaz in DPS. I think Boaz’s shoulders are holding him back from true power.

Anyway, today’s post is for everyone either leveling a main or an alt up to that all-important 58 and on to Outland. Obviously, Blizz did a great job with Outland, in that there’s a crapload of stuff to do, gobs of experience for the taking (if you’re moving along, it’s not impossible to hit 70 after completing three of the seven zones), moolah and awesome gear upgrades. So a pre-58 character isn’t as concerned nowadays with hitting dungeons for gear upgrades or any of that malarkey — they just want to level up as fast as possible.

Here’s a few tips from a guy who’s done far too many alts for his own sanity:

  • In the 2.3 patch, Blizz will be increasing 20-60 quest experience and lowering the amount of XP per level, so no matter what, you’ll level faster.
  • Get someone to port or hearth you to Shatt, even if you’re pre-10, and set your hearth there. The portals are invaluable to jump around Azeroth without using ships.
  • Using Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide is the fastest way I’ve ever leveled — it shoots you from 30 to 60 far faster than you’d be able to on your own.
  • If questing is not for you (or you’ve done them too many times), then here’s a couple grinding guides: One, Two
  • Helpful Leveling Tips
  • It’s usually worth it to get someone to help you blitz both Deadmines and SM at those respective levels, for great gear upgrades — but skip the other dungeons. Nobody runs the other ones anyway.

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