“Somebody Poked Thrall!”

October 13, 2007 at 1:11 pm (1) (, , )

Being in TWW doesn’t just mean the same-old, same-old — we do try to do fun, unique events that other guilds don’t!  Case in point, Friday night’s Great RFC Raid into the heart of Horde territory: Orgrimmar.

Trembling with fear and anticipation, twelve brave TWW guildies banded together in a raid outside of Org.  Our cast of characters include: Pendoor, Vick, Elisabeta (Val), Cybel, Syp, Nikki, Naheed, Mythicor, Hildegarde (welcome back), Felstar, Ain and Golld.

The plan was simple: ride into Org and make it, somehow, to Ragefire Chasm, the Horde newbie instance.  Once there, lunge in and down the end boss as fast as possible.  We predicted many casualties from the Org guards as well as Horde characters who’d see our PVP-flagged butts as an insult to their fair city, so we stripped down to our skivvies to avoid repair bill costs.  Myth bought a suit of level 12 armor for the occasion.

Surprisingly enough, we dashed into RFC almost unchallenged and unscathed.  Our epic mounts quickly outran the guards, and aside from Val whining about getting lost, our morale was high.  Unfortunately, only 10 of the 12 raid members could get into RFC, leaving Hilde and Golld out in the cold to be chewed up by the guards.

RFC went quickly, even with some loot ninjas (what?  WHAT?) to worry about.  Kill, run, kill, run.  Then, the real fun began: getting out.

Hilde reported that the Horde did notice us, and a hunter was waiting outside the entrance.  We buffed up, suited up, and strode back out.  The Hordie was quickly dispatched, along with various NPCs and spawning level-65 non-elite guards.  The guards kept us on our toes, but it wasn’t a serious threat.  The real threat came from the Horde players who finally gathered together to take us on in force.  It was a fierce PVP battle, to be sure, with several casualties on both sides.  Eventually, TWW wiped completely, and we ran back from the spirit healer with the determination to try one last time.  Bloody their nose a bit.

Back into RFC to catch our breath, rebuff, heal up.  Our second charge at the enemy troops, not unlike 300, was doomed from the start.  They had the advantage and the NPC guards to help out; we had Val’s caustic wit and Hilde screaming “Why oh why did I come back to the guild?”  I decided to be a total coward and desert my friends, and head up for a bit of sight-seeing.

I had a mission: to down Thrall.

It looked bad.  I had six guards on me, whittling me down as I ran out of the valley, and I was popping healthstones and pots to stay alive.  Strangely enough, after a while, the guards left me alone — I guess you CAN outrun city guards.  I paused, healed, mounted up, and rode like the little demented gnome I am into the middle of Horde H.Q.  With the mount lag, I was able to stay mounted about halfway in, giving me a head start over the elite guards who quickly noticed my presence (along with a Horde warrior who was there).  I was doomed, but before I crumpled to the floor in death, I did what I came to do.

I threw Curse of Agony on Thrall.

Seeing those damage numbers tick away after I died was one of the happiest WoW experiences I’ve ever had.  TK logged onto his Horde toon to see the battle from a different perspective (and almost got killed by a TWW guildie), and reported back that a character yelled in Org chat, “Sombody poked Thrall!”

Good times.  Great raid by all!



  1. Brany said,

    Omg great fun! Poor little Syp’s dead body laying in Org for Thrall to use as a doormat. Seriously has to be a high point in your WoW career to be able to say you poked Thrall!! 🙂

  2. boazar said,


    Yet another reason TWW rules!

  3. Glendwyr said,

    Brilliant! I’m crushed that I missed it.

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