Addons and you

October 15, 2007 at 4:19 pm (Blogroll, General)

Addons.  There are those in the game that claim addons are cheating.  Others use so many addons that the original WoW interface is completely gone. 

So you choose to get some addons.  You want a completely customizable button setup, or you want a way to help sell auctions faster.  Or perhaps you want a mod to help  you with end-game raids. 

I’m here to help. 

The first mod everyone should get (regardless of level) is a threat meter.  This most certainly is not required, but it definitely makes boss fights a whole heck of a lot easier when you can manage your threat better.

The two most popular are KTM Threat Meter and Omen.  I prefer Omen, because it does a better job of warning you when you are about to pull aggro (my screen blinks red and a warning comes up saying “reached 90% of Bob the Tank’s aggro!), so I would actually suggest Omen, but either one is fine.

Another great mod is Atlas.  There are two separate add-ons for this:  Atlas Maps and Atlas Loot.  I would suggest both.  These addons make it much easier to pull up maps for instances and check to see what phat loot will drop from bosses/trash. 

So what’s next? 

Deadly Boss Mod.  This one is only for end-game raids.  What it does is help you easily track what each boss is doing with their special abilities.  Moroes about to vanish?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when he’s about to.  Big Bad Wolf about to turn someone into Little Red Riding Hood?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when to run for your life. 

Want to rule the auction house like a queen?  Or how about knowing what items will disenchant into what dust/shards?  Then you’ll want Auctioneer Suite.  This mod will let you easily put in items at a discounted rate.  Not only that, but it will also tell you how much per item a stack of bronze bars will sell for.  Want to sell 2 bronze bars rather than a stack?  Auctioneer will tell you what to sell them at to maximize your profit. 

On top of that, items that drop will show a new window which will show the vendor selling price.  “Do I disenchant this item for the possibility of a shard, or do I sell it to a vendor for 9g 18s?”  With Auctioneer Suite, you’ll know which one will make you more cash.

A couple other ones:

TrinketMenu.  This mod will bring up a 2-button window on your screen.  What it does is track every trinket you have in your bags for easy swapping out.  No muss, no fuss.

Bongos.  This is a completely customizable UI button setup.  You can make as many buttons as you want on your screen as you want, along with re-shaping the size of your map buttons, re-arranging where you have your pet/caster bars, etc.  Completely customizable.  I like it for Boazar, because he has a billion buttons that may not always be in use, but it’s nice to have them all in one central area.

Titan Panel.  Great little addon that adds two bars on your screen.  You can display how much gold you have on you, how much ammo you have, how much xp you need to level, what your xp/hour is, your x,y coordinates, etc.  Great addon that’s stupidly easy to install and use.

Lightheaded.  This is a great one for questing.  It pulls up every comment from and puts it into a 2nd screen on your quest log.  Every single quest will pull up with posted comments from Wowhead.  You can get locations for mobs, the start/end location of the quest, how much xp/rep you will get, etc.  Very nice mod. 

I will be adding links to easily download these mods and the general WoW addon websites later.  That’s what I get for typing this up at work.


Until then, you can do a Google search for Curse Gaming, which is a big one where you can get almost every addon I’ve described.  For Lightheaded, search for “Lightheaded WoW addon.” 



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