“Barclay’s Bank of Boaz” or “How TWW got a Bank.”

November 15, 2007 at 10:12 pm (1)

So this last Tuesday, with patch 2.3 (zomg what a patch) Guild Banks were introduced.

Thought this would be a good place to lay down some simple rules concerning bank usage.

So here it goes!

Guild Rankings Actually Mean Something Now

Yes, that’s right! That fancy title that used to mean “you’ve gained our trust, you are a friendly and competent player, and helpful whenever possible” now includes “you’ve gained our trust, you are a friendly and competent player, and helpful whenever possible. Oh, and you get to withdraw more items from the bank.”

So what does that mean for each ranking?

Well, let’s break it down.

Alts: This is a new ranking put into place to avoid having someone with 7 alts all withdrawing 8 items each. All alts will be able to view both tabs and deposit, but cannot withdraw. Anyone below Officer ranking will have their alt moved to this new ranking. Please let an officer, Co-GM or myself know which character you want labeled as your main so we can make this as painless as possible.

Probation: Someone on Probation cannot see, withdraw or deposit in either tab. Simple.

Newbie: Newbies can see both tabs, and can deposit, but cannot withdraw.

Private: Privates can see both tabs, and can deposit to both, but can only withdraw from tab 2, and will be limited to 2 withdrawals per day.

Corporal: Corporals can see both tabs, and can deposit to both, but can only withdraw from tab 2. Their limit will be 3 items a day.

Sergeant: Sergeants can deposit to both tabs, are allowed 1 withdrawal from tab 1, and 6 from tab 2 per day.

Officer: Officers are given a much larger trust. They are allowed to withdraw 20 items from tab 1 and 2 per day. The reasoning for this is to keep the bank clean and things in proper tabs, which I will get to shortly. Officers also have access to the guild bank gold to use to repair. Using the guild gold to repair should only be used with the best intentions, and with the assumption it will be paid back. I also understand accidents happen, so if it does, please be polite and pay back the bank.

Co-GM’s and GM: Full access to gold withdrawals.

Ok, so now we know what each ranking can do. What about the tabs?

Tab 1: Super Important. This tab will house high level potions, recipes, blue items, hard to find items, blue gems, cut gems, high-end enchanting mats, etc.

Tab 2: Profs and Random. This tab should be used for cloth, leather, lower level potions, low level profession recipes, random items that you can put in for guildies, limited amounts of food, green items, etc.

We will be introducing another tab as soon as the guild bank has enough to purchase one. I will open access to that one a bit more. It will be similar to tab 2, but with more stuff essentially.

If you are unsure to an item going in tab 1 or 2, ask an officer

Zomg I can’t withdraw something!

If you desire an item in tab 1 and can’t withdraw, ask an officer (or higher) to get it out for you. The officer will make the decision to give it to you or not.

If you are asking to withdraw over your given limit for a day, ask an officer if it is ok or not. If the officer deems it worthy, they will withdraw the item for you. If they deny your request, please take it with a grain of salt and wait until the next day.

Ok. That’s it. I hope we can enjoy this new feature, and I hope we have set it up to be as fair as possible. If you can think of a way to improve it we will gladly listen.


Boazar and Co-GM’s


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