Karazhan and Recruitment

November 16, 2007 at 4:05 pm (1)

So I want to get a really good idea of what we need to form a 2nd team that starts a bit later in the evening (8-8:30 server-ish), so I’d like some feedback on group composition, etc.

We have a pretty good idea of what to expect based on our initial groups fighting in there, so here is a breakdown of what we can expect inside the guild, and what we need to recruit.

2 Tanks (for nearly every boss fight, and trash mobs)

Right now, we have Hildegarde keyed, and Rhylind can always come in and tank maybe, depending on when he can be on.  On top of that, Tyrista will be keyed soon, and so will Val.  So tanking may not be as big an issue as we think.

3 Healers

Now with this one there are certain classes that are nearly required.  2 priests would be nice in this slot, especially for Moroes.  Right now we have.. hmm.  Naheed or Nehalennia can get keyed here hopefully soon, so we’ll have a Holy pally or a priest (not sure what Neha’s spec is though)  along with Rinkha (I’m sure I mispelled that) 

So this might be where we need to recruit. 


Now with this one, we need a very nice mix of classes.  A very solid group that will bring a lot to the table involves a couple different classes.

Right now we have Syp, Tami, and Boaz who might bring the dps if we have enough tanks.  Ghostfire can also take the place of syp (frost trap is a VERY handy ability here) along with Branywen, Nagarathna, Nohah, and I know we have others in the guild to fill this slot.

So let’s make it a goal to get everyone keyed who wants to go.  Then let’s see what we have, and who we need to recruit. 



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