Long Term Plans In WoW

November 7, 2007 at 3:04 pm (1) (, )

Like some of you, I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that I’ve invested in WoW for the long haul.  While there will be other games — and other MMORPGs — to take up my time, I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning to WoW for at least the next 3-5 years.  It’s fun, it’s familiar, it has TWW, and there’s still a lot I haven’t seen or done.

So that got me thinking about time investment in MMORPGs.  Ultimately, we all know that no matter what level or phat lewt we obtain in the game, at some point we’ll either quit or the game will be closed.  It’s not a forever thing, or even for the rest of our lives thing.  So we don’t invest time because it will pay off in the future, but because it pays off today.  The hours and days and sheer months that you spend building up a character is pretty much paid off as you go along — you’re fashioning a “tool” that will hopefully let you enjoy the game and its content in a more diverse and broader fashion.

I’ve invested well over a month of time at this point in Syp, my warlock.  As I’ve hit the level cap and geared up adequately, there’s a few options ahead of me in terms of investment:

1. Do I invest my time in gearing up?  More gear = more high end progressible content, but as I’m only interested in Kara or the new ZA raid, I’m don’t feel as pressured to get gobs more gear.  Gear is nice, but when I’m spending hours and hours to go from +15 spell damage to +20, is it really worth it?

2. Do I invest my time in gearing out?  By “gearing out”, I mean spending time obtaining gear that doesn’t necessarily make me a better fighter, but a more diverse character.  Trinkets, pets, fun doo-dads, crafting… that sort of thing.  I almost always prefer gearing out, because that’s the more enjoyable part of the game for me.  I’ve been spending lots of time gathering mats to make my new engineering mount, and that’s why I took engineering in the first place.  I’m not killing anything faster because of it, but I have a battle chicken and that makes me mighty.

3. Do I invest my time in socializing and assisting?  These are valid and honorable aims — and one of the main purposes of playing an online RPG: to be with people.  I highly enjoy TWW’s odd and sometimes hilarious conversations, and socializing means that I’m not playing a video game in a vacuum.  I’m spending time being with people, making friendships, and helping others.   Strangely enough, this is the time that will be the best investment anyone can make in a game like this.

4. Do I PvP?  Um, no.  I die enough as it is, thank you very much.

5. Do I invest time in alts?  Sure!  I think that any serious (or casual-serious) player who’s in a guild realizes that not only are alts fun, but they’re essential to the flexibility of a guild’s life.  I have one level 70, and it’s a DPSer.  That’s fine, but what happens on nights that we have tons of DPS and no tanks?  If I had another 70 who could tank, suddenly I’ve created options for the guild.  The more people who do this, the more flexibility a guild has and the more content we can run.


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A couple quick tidbits about raiding and TWW

November 2, 2007 at 2:48 pm (General)

Obviously, we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild.  We don’t tell people what to spec.  We don’t set aside 8 hours every Saturday to raid Gruul/Magtheridon.  We don’t run Serpentshrine Cavern every night. 

But we do run Karazhan four days a week.  And the interest in this activity is growing.

So I’d like to go over a couple quick rules Nny and I have worked on.  Once again, these things are most certainly not required, but will help with avoiding frustration.

1.  Download Group Calendar from curse.com.  Nny/Mythicor uses it to know who has scheduled themselves for a run, and he can confirm if you are good to go or not.

2.  Show up on time.  In fact, show up 10 minutes early before the scheduled time.  We have been getting better at starting closer to the proper time as we get more people interested in running Kara.

3.  Make sure you are repaired 100% before going in.  Obviously, if we have cleared to the Blackmsith beyond Attumen and you are Honored with the Violet Eye, then repair when needed.  Otherwise, please make sure you don’t need to repair in the middle of trash clearing.

4.  Make sure you have enough mana/health pots before going, or before everyone starts going, ask if guildies have spares they can spare 😛  I would say it’s a safe bet for casters to have 5-10 mana pots for every boss fight (this includes clearing trash and fighting the boss himself.) 

5.  Download a threat meter from curse.com.  There are more than one.  I prefer Omen, because it is a little more proactive about warning your lazy bum when you are about to pull aggro. 

6.  Download Deadly Boss Mods.  This is a great mod that will warn you when bosses are going to do their special attacks/tricks.  This will allow you to plan accordingly for such things to happen.

7.  Be patient.  We are fairly new to this whole raiding thing.  If we wipe on a boss a couple times, I would ask you to shrug it off and get back in line for the next run.  This is a game, after all, and we should remember to keep that in focus when we have a 15g repair bill to pay.

I would like to send my thanks to Mythicor for setting things up for us.  I would also like to send my gratitude to those who have raided so far in our guild.  We have a tremendously friendly group of people who are running it, and I think if we get more people up to 70, we may even need 2 groups going instead of 1.  I know we are getting close to that point. 

Hope to see everyone else in Kara getting fat loot!


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