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December 30, 2007 at 9:42 pm (1)

I’ve been asked by a couple people, including BigRedKitty, to publish a detailed account on how I went about taming Oz, my new Ghost Wolf. Of course, when you discover something fairly cool and semi-hidden in a game, the tendency is to horde (heh) it all to yourself, but I figure that (a) that’s just plain selfish, and today’s not Thursday, my selfish day, and (b) it’s not like the ghost wolf or the taming thereof is a national security secret. It’s out there. And this checklist I’m about to go through isn’t original in the least — but I’ll try to clear it up for anyone who wants to try their hand at taming this cool pet.

Caveat emptor first: The ghost wolf (technically, the “Grimtotem Spirit Guide“) will cost you a pretty penny in gold beforehand, contains no innate special skills (such as prowl) except the ones that all wolves can train, and will cost an even prettier chunk of time after you tame it, in bringing it up to speed. However, if you think that the look, rarity and funky pet noises are worth it, then by all means. Oz will think of your pets as his progeny.

The reasons there are so many hoops involved in taming one of these wolves is that they are a summoned mob that only lasts about 7-8 seconds before automatically dying.  Hunters’ “Tame Beast” skill takes 20 seconds.  Those of you above a certain mathematical level might see the problem presented.  So our goal is to speed cast time up to 7-8 seconds, and allow for a successful taming before the wolf dies.

The steps I took were as follows:

1. Get to the 65-70 level range, and start hunting for a helm with a metagem socket in it. You mostly find these in dungeon runs (I got mine from the Helm of Desolation in normal BM), although there are a few chain quest rewards that net you such a helmet. The lack of such a helm was what kept me from taming a ghost wolf for so long — they’re not the most common things in the world.

2. As you’re working toward your helm goal, keep checking the AH (or a jewelcrafting friend) for a Mystical Skyfire Diamond.   I recall paying either 130g or 180g, but I can’t remember which.  Your results may vary, depending on your server.

3. Socket said metagem in said helm metagem slot.  Now, this was the first time I’ve ever fiddled with metagems in WoW, and the odd conditions of each metagem threw me off.  You see, metagems allow you to obtain a fairly powerful new ability, but in return, you have to fulfill the conditions listed (each metagem is different).  The Mystical Skyfire Diamond has a proc that cuts casting time in half (our 20 second taming time instantly becomes 10 seconds when this proc happens), but the metagem’s conditions is that it requires more blue gems than yellow gems.

What was unclear to me is that I thought this condition applied only to the piece of armor that your metagem is used in — not so.  The “more blue gems than yellow gems” applies to the sum total of all gems spread across all your equipped gear.  I was able to equip the metagem, but it was greyed out until a friend helped explain it to me.  I thought, crap, I’m going to have to get rid of a whole bunch of gems and then rebuy, reequip them… but common sense kicked in and just had me take off some gear for the duration of this taming process.  Who cares about cut casting time afterwards, at least for hunters?  Most everything we do is insta-cast anyway.

4. Socketed helm on your noggin, you need to recruit the help of a priest (level 30+) and a level 70 shaman.  This is perhaps the easiest way, although there are alternatives (Trolls’ berserking and leatherworking Drums of Battle also help cut cast time).  Buy some level 35 meat (a few stacks should be fine).  Get your party together and mosey on down to Dustwallow Marsh in the 42, 9 area (that’s north-central, in a Grimtotem camp).  All of the mobs will be 35-38ish, so you shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted aggro, unless you brough along a low level priest.

5. Create a macro called “wolfie”.  The macro has two lines:

/target grimtotem spirit guide
/cast tame beast

6. I relocated two aspects (doesn’t matter which ones) to my 1 and 2 keys.  I put the “wolfie” macro on the 3 key.

7. With your party in place and a Grimtotem Spirit-Shifter targeted, explain the plan and do a dry run through without any keys being pressed.  It’s vital for the priest to know and recognize the blue glow that signals the metagem’s proc, since the proc only lasts about 7 seconds.

8. Have your priest MC the spirit-shifter.  If your priest is a 70, then they should be able to hang on to the guy with little difficulty.

9. Have the shaman activate his or her 40-second Bloodlust/Heroism spell.  From this point on, you’re on the clock, and if you screw up, you have to wait another 9 minutes or so for this spell to recharge.

10. Quickly start flipping between keys 1 and 2, changing aspects (which is the fastest way to get the metagem to proc).  Mine proc’d around 15 seconds remaining on heroism, which was cutting it short.

11. Once the metagem procs and the blue glow lights up, the priest should use his MC’d Grimtotem to summon the spirit guide.  At the same time — do NOT wait for a visual confirmation that the spirit guide has been summoned — start pounding on key 3 (“wolfie”) like there’s no tomorrow.  You can spam this and not have to worry about losing your taming process; once it starts, it’ll keep on going.

12. If the timing is right and nobody messes up, you’ll complete the taming riiiiiight before (or even at the moment) the spirit guide dies.

13. Resummon your wolf, feed it some level 35 meat (don’t want him to run away, now!), and think of a very cool name for it.  Oz is taken, so back off!

14. Sigh, head to Outland, and begin the life of an amateur melee hunter whacking away at mobs with your rusty axe while your wolf slooooowly levels from 30 to 70.  The new post-2.3 pet leveling boost does help (I was able to get Oz from 30 to 44 in the space of an afternoon).

Hope this helps!


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Meet the Great and Terrible Oz

December 28, 2007 at 5:38 pm (1)

One of my great post-70 career goals for Ghostfire was fulfilled yesterday, as I was able to tame a Ghost Wolf, the rarest pet in the game (currently).  It has no special skills or abilities that other wolves lack, so this was done for the sheer coolness factor alone.  But isn’t that why we do a lot of what we do in these games?  We pick a class based on what is “cool” to us.  We treasure trinkets and gear that let us do “cool” things.  Unless we’re soulless spreadsheet crunchers who only value numbers alone (dps, damage meters, mp5, etc.), that is.

Oz, my new pet wolf, started his career with me at level 30, and is currently level 44.  It makes for slow going, as I’m reverting to my pre-level 10 hunter days, where I’d open with a couple shots and then switch to melee, but the post-2.3 pet leveling speed increase helps a bit.  Plus, it’s kinda a fun challenge to figure out how to maximize dps when you can’t rely on your gun and pet as much.  I’m factoring in a lot of traps (yay snake trap), using concussive shot for the first time in months, and continuing to use Beastial Wrath for the damage increase it gives to me.

Oz does have a couple special “fun” features.  Not only is he semi-transparent (the only other tamable beast that has this is the Ghost Saber), but he looks wicked cool when BW lights up, as you can see in the second photo.  Occasionally, he lets out with an undead, echoey-growl or howl, which was unexpected but also neat.

Much thanks goes to Reanimayshun and Cleanshaven  for lending me their skills and time to help me pull this taming off.  It took a lot of preparation, but we managed to do it on the first try, which was far more than I expected.

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Proof! That Gnomes rock!

December 19, 2007 at 8:47 pm (1)

I guess I’ve discovered that it’s fun writing silly controversial blog posts — my “Gnomes rock!  10 Reasons Why.” post has not only gotten us a coveted “Hawt Post” notice on the front of, but we’ve also been featured in WoW Insider, WoW Warcry and Woman Enough.

Woman Enough?  I an Gnome Enough.  Nice to meetcha.

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Get yer Gnomes and Dwarves out.. It’s IF to SW Run Time! 12/22, 1pm server time!

December 19, 2007 at 1:25 pm (1)

So the last GM did something quite fun last winter.

He setup an IF to SW run using only low level gnomes.  Essentially you start out in IF, go into the cute Winter teleporter, and start running from the gates of Ironforge, through Dun Morogh, into Searing Gorge and through Blackrock Mountain, into Redridge, then finally Elwynn and to the gates of Stormwind.

Rules?  Only 3 rules:

1.  rezzing at graveyards is accepted and, in fact, a big part of strategy.

2.  If you still have your gnome from last winter,  you can use it, as long as it isn’t above lvl 2.

3.  Have fun!

Whoever reaches the gates of SW first will win!

The winner will get 50g from the guild bank. 2nd place will get 25, 3rd will get 10g.

I will probably ref the proceedings, unless someone else wants to.  We need someone who can open the door to Searing Gorge at the very least.

If anyone has any questions about this, please let me know.


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More then 1 night elf could have dreamed…..

December 19, 2007 at 6:21 am (1)

The winning lottery number for December 15th was 51!!!

Extra special thanks to Drizzty for suggesting and then making Cloak of the Black Void

which was added as an extra prize.

 Extra special thanks to Turtle for donation of 50g to make the pot larger!

Would also like to thank Cybel, Bcrock, Gerimobanco, Boazar, Cowrcool, Reanimayshun, Midyan, Xeno, Avalonea, Syp, Ainhilde, Vick, Hyron, Phaenor, Brany, Janiest, Aerilane, Draconas, Ggold, Glen, Erecton, Gilthila, Kultirel, Elisabeta, Almorez, Hikari, Tegain, Aerilane, Honorman, Entanae, Mana, Faygo and Drizzty.


Amazingly we had 4 winners!







( i’ll get ur the rest of ur pots asap)



Sadly I’m going to have to limit the amount of numbers people can play. Too many people where asking me to take 50, 75 and a few even asked to send in 100g…. That in it self takes the fun out of the lottery. There will now be a 30g max bet amount..

Also  there are NO LONGER primal might’s between the winners. It was a little over whelming to make 4 primal might’s, 20 potions and elixirs I’m not complaining, so please don’t think that I am it was just a bit much was not expecting such a huge turn out. Which is great I couldn’t have asked for more.

New lottery rules:

30 gold limits

More then 2 winners they must roll for the Primal Might’s 

Everyone will still get there share of the lottery gold and also the potions or elixirs

I hope that this does not upset anyone. The lottery will still be fun, and I’ll try to add extra items and such to make it worth while. Good Luck on the next drawling!!




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Gnomes rock! 10 reasons why.

December 18, 2007 at 3:15 pm (1)

Ever since the launch of World of Warcraft, it’s been the fashionable trend to engage, from time to time, in a healthy bout of gnome-bashing.  The shield of tolerance does not cover Azeroth’s smallest intelligent race, as talk of gnome punting, consuming gnomes, and hollowing out gnomes to use as candle holders continues even to this day.  Let’s face it: so many, many people despise gnomes.

Good.  I’m glad.  These people will die in a fire that my little 2-foot-tall gnome creates with only an effort of the will, writhing in pain and itching before the merciful end arrives.

As you can tell, I’m a gnome lover.  As much as others hate the little fellas, I’m a staunch supporter of all things gnome.  My main’s a gnome warlock, who has a 390 in gnomish engineering, and often times I’m the only short stuff in a given raid.  Perfect.  That’s the way I like it.

So today, instead of spreading spittle-fueled ignorant hatred toward THE GREATEST ALLIANCE RACE THAT MIGHT AS WELL BE THEIR OWN FACTION, FOR HOW AWESOME THEY ARE, I’m going to rectify past ills by posting a list of 10 reasons why gnomes simply rock.

1. It’s awesome to root for the underdog.

People love underdogs, cheering them on to win out over superior odds, and what race fits that profile more than gnomes?   The more you hate on gnomes, the more underdoggish they become (“If you strike me down, I shall come back stronger yet a bit more ghostly.”).  Nobody expects gnomes to be anything other than Santa’s elves, tinkering away at advanced toys… so when a daring gnome adventurer goes toe-to-toe with Illidan himself, it’s a triumph of the little guy over the many Goliaths in WoW.

2. The mounts… oh, the mounts!

Oh, you have a pony?  A goat, er, ram?  A cute widdle kiddy cat?  Dumbo?  Sorry to hear that.  MY ride is a mechanical masterpiece of design, belching environment-friendly black smoke and laden with practical things like rear view mirrors.  Does your cat have a rear view mirror?  You want to try to drill a hole in its head to attach one?  Good luck!

3. Engineering.

There is nothing more fun in WoW than what the engineering profession can whip up, and gnomes are all over engineering like a fat kid on a twinkie.  Mechanical squirrel?  Scopes?  Dragonling guardians?  Shrink rays?  DEATH RAYS?  THE EPIC FLYING HELIJET?  THE FREAKIN’ BATTLE CHICKEN OF DOOM!?!  Oh, you can go back to your leatherworking now.  I hear you can make drums now.  That’s nice.  Be great if you ever break into that band you and your dwarf buddies keep talking about.

4. Inflicting humiliation.

Getting killed in PvP is never fun, but when you’re slaughtered by a munchkin with a tiny pair of stabby knives… that is humiliation that never goes away.  Or how about when the highest damage dealer is under three feet tall?  Or if you have to get on your knees and beg an epic’d gnome to gift you with a little bread and water?  They have an unkind word for people like you in prison, pal.  Just call us gnomes your “daddy”.

5. Toshley’s Station.

Ever since gnomes went ahead and nuked their home city rather than let it fall prey to level 30 mobs (which, by the way, shows our strength of will and insanity), we gnomes have been on the lookout for a new place to call home.  When Outland opened back up, we found it — Toshley’s Station.  It’s nothing huge, just a last ditch defense on the border of a hostile frontier, but there’s ten kinds of awesome in this place.  You want gnome snipers staving off wave after wave of bug attacks?  Gnome devices freely handed out for you to experiment with?  A catapult to send you to other areas on the map?  A teleporter to heaven?  Here ya go!

6. The racials.

Sure, gnomes don’t get racials to heal themselves, silence magic casters, stun enemies in a circle around them, or — and the loss of this really stings — be able to find TREASURE on your MAP, but be ye not hasty in discounting the gifts we are given!  +5% INT is a boon to the gnome mages and warlocks, which comprise a majority of the gnome players out there.  We get a bit of arcane resistance (yawn), and a nifty 15-point bump in engineering.  With the engineering skill boost, our battle pets (who scale according to the players level AND the player’s engineering level) are stronger than any other engineer’s.  Finally, no one can slow down a gnome — with “Escape Artist”, we get an instant cast root/slow cleanser that keeps us moving away from those pesky mages or druids.

7. Hands down, the best avatar choices in the game.

People whine and moan about how little variety there is in WoW’s character creator options, and for the most part this is true — except when it comes to gnomes.  Gnome males get a huge variety of stellar-looking facial hair options, and gnome females are all over crazy ponytails, bobs and sweeping hairstyles.  Plus, why would you want a character with brown, dark green, or sandy yellow hair when you could whip up a gnome with pink or blue highlights?

8. The emotes.

/dance.  /silly.  /flirt.  /rude.  Every emote that erupts from a gnome is scientifically proven to be 100% cuter and superior to the other races.   “I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused.”

9. You can get away with murder.  Literally.

Did that orc warrior pull before your casters were ready?  Did that human paladin bubble to safety while letting the rest of your group die?  It’s time for a little kicking of the butts, mon frier!  Yet as a gnome, I’ve found I can get away with practically anything, as long as I do it in the mischievous spirit that the gnome aura fosters.   How can you possibly get mad at an adorable bouncing midget who’s clearly having the time of their life tagging a couple dozen mobs to come stampeding down the corridor toward your group?  Can you blame a gnome for deciding that in the middle of a boss fight is the best time to experiment if that poultryizer works or not?  I think not!

10. Conformity is for morons. 

You’re a night elf hunter?  An undead shadow priest?  A dirty ninja of a rogue?  A blood elf pally?  Congrats.  You’re as unique as a grain of salt in a shaker.  You’re just one of a hundred thousand sellouts that delude themselves about the special nature of their character, while in fact you’ve joined an army of clones.

Me?  I’ll be over here doing something different than the rest of you.  Marching to the own beat of my techno drum.  Making my fellow citizens into radioactive lepers.  Living up life close down to the ground.  I’m sexy.  I’m frisky.  And I’m a gnome, baby!

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2007 In MMOs Other Than WoW

December 17, 2007 at 3:13 pm (1)

As much as I’ve been a WoW junkie for the past three years, I’m even more of a MMO junkie at heart.  I simply love trying out new MMOs because (1) MMOs by design have a glut of content to explore, (2) it helps to stave off eternal WoW burnout, which I’d hate, and (3) I’m always daring new games to be better than WoW, to top it in terms of quality and addictiveness.  So far, no takers, although there’s been a few interesting tries.

Today I want to swerve away from WoW talk to discuss some of the “other” MMOs I’ve played in 2007, and give my brief reviews (and review my briefs) on them.

Lord of the Rings Online

With Vanguard an obvious bust out of the gate, I ignored that poor dying critter and turned my attention to LOTRO.  Initially, LOTRO interested me not at all – it seemed a bit too “bland”, more generic fantasy than Peter Jackson’s imaginative movie visions.  But as previews erupted in a gushing fount of info magma, I found myself warming up to the idea of the “deed log”, the synergy of the conjunction system, and the lack of “bright shiny magics” populating our toolbars.

I almost got a lifetime subscription – no fees past $150 seemed like a great deal if I was planning to stick with it – but in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t.  LOTRO certainly kept me playing for a few months, yet it didn’t have the staying power I’d hoped.  The Lore-Master class was incredibly weak, the skills didn’t have the instant tactile feedback when used, and the land itself was an endless sea of green, gray, brown, more brown, more green, and much more gray.

I thought the deed/trait system was an excellent idea – giving players an alternate way to level up skills and abilities past the XP bar is always great – but most of the traits and virtues earned aren’t very special or memorable.  Warhammer Online seems to be taking this concept a few steps further with their Tome of Knowledge and combat tactics, so I’m happy I’ll be seeing it again.

The crafting was a complete moneysink for anybody other than a strict gatherer, the PvP useless (although inventive, letting you create a PvP-only enemy toon just for that realm), and Turbine seems dead stuck on creating unattractive UIs and tiny fonts.

However, as I said, they did a lot right by LOTRO: regular content updates put most other MMOs to shame, giving new players huge bag space is a boon, and the music system (which lets players actually create music that everyone around them can hear) was a blast.  I won’t be coming back to LOTRO, but it definitely struck me as the best new MMO of the year.

Dungeon Runners

“Free MMO” is almost always a code-name for “Crap MMO That You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy”, but NCsoft  actually pulled a strange rabbit out of their hat to defeat this preconception with Dungeon Runners.  For the low low price of “nothing”, Dungeon Runners offers a Diablo-esque hack and slash RPG set in a pseudo-online world (most everything is instanced, like Guild Wars).  You get a heaping dose of humor, as DR takes potshots at all of the RPG clichés, and I found myself laughing from time to time from the NPC comments or the odd critters I’d battle.

It’s surprisingly fun, too – weaving through gangs of baddies is always a stress reliever, and Diablo-type games are all about mass chaos and mass loot drops.  While managing your pitifully small inventory is a pain, the loot is diverse and often humorously titled.

However, DR cannot boast a huge range of gameplay options or depth; you pick from one of three meager classes, each with only a dozen or so skills (which you can train cross-class, so you can pretty much make any character you want), you run randomized dungeons over and over and over, and… well, that’s it.  As of this writing, they’ve implemented a rudimentary PvP system and being pushing more content in the form of new dungeons, etc., but this is most definitely a lunch break MMO – something to play in your spare time, but never as your primary game.

DR tries to earn money by getting its players to subscribe for $5/month for improved options, which include disabling ad banners, accessing new loot, and foot rubs.  Or something.

Tabula Rasa

Scifi MMOs are few and far between, so this caught my eye for that factor alone.  TR deviates from the normal “click 1-2-3” skill hotbar to focus more on heavy shooting with your mouse.  It’s interesting, and while the movement and combat takes some getting used to, it actually involves the players in the combat far more than most MMOs. 

TR adds innovation by including mob-capturable bases that you can defend or retake (think Starship Troopers), and a diverging character class tree that opens up as you increase in levels (think Everquest II in its early days).  However, you’ll be playing one of two classes that everyone else has for the first 15 levels, and you’ll ultimately only have about 20-25 skills in the endgame.

This makes the game feel far more limited in terms of differentiating your character.  Sure, you can boost some skills over others, you can choose one of eight end-game classes, but that’s about it.  TR makes a big deal out of having you hunt for “logos” that are prerequisites to using your 20-25 skills, but you don’t end up needing about 85% of the logos you find, and you have no ability to mix-and-match logos to create new skills or spells (which this type of collecting system seems designed for).  In the end, it’s just a shooter game on planets that need more life and variety to them.  Played it for two weeks, gave it a pass.


I’m in the beta, there’s a NDA, and I can’t say much.  But I’m looking forward to this one’s release!

So that’s it for today – we’ll see what next year brings!

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Syp Rates The Horde Racial Mounts!

December 10, 2007 at 4:37 pm (1) ()

A few years ago, a guy named Lore had a great website where he “rated” various items on a subject, giving them a report card grade from A+ to F. I vastly enjoyed the format, so I thought I’d start a new series of articles rating various aspects in WoW. I’m also hopped up on coffee and trying to fend off frostbite in my right foot, so there are other factors propelling me to do so.

Today we will examine the basic level 40 racial mounts for each of the Horde races!

Forsaken – Skeletal Horse

It’s hard to come up with a mount that appeals to both anorexic supermodels AND the giddy emo-goth crowd, but this bony skeletal horse fits the bill. If it had a bill. Which it does not — but instead glares in disgust at its rider through its dead eye sockets, denied the peace of death as it is yet again called into service to trot around the cast of Night of the Living Dead. Apart from looking absolutely wicked, its only downfall is its rejection of the Carrot on a Stick — it just falls out of his mouth, anyway. Rating: A-

Tauren – Kodo

For those who might recall back to Beta, the Tauren were unique in not having a racial mount pre-launch; instead, they received a “Plainsrunning” ability, which allowed them to slowly ramp up to the 60% mount speed by just exercising daily on a treadmill. However, Plainsrunning was deemed, um, “dumb”, and Blizzard put their noggins together and gave “dumb” its “dumber”: the Kodo mount. Yes, for the small price of 100ish gold, you too can be sitting astride the WoW equivalent of an SUV, blocking 75% of the screen in attractive gray or lush brown! Rating: C-

Orc – Wolf

It’s a well-known scientific fact that all wolves are just crazy about a creature heavier than they jumping onto their back and going “Giddyup, little doggie!” It’s also a well-known scientific fact that this action is usually followed by an equal reaction of face eating. Still, wolves are useful if you ever want to run an iditarod across Kalimdor, and you get the bonus ability of eating any little level 1 rabbit or kitty critter you come across. Rating: B

Troll – Raptor

Until 1994, we stupidly assumed that the T.Rex was the most fearsome, awesome dinosaur that ever lived. Then Steven Spielberg showed us the folly of our childhood by introducing velociraptors to our nightmare scape, and the trolls of Warcraft took notice. “Be proactive! Use synergy! Downsize tusks!” were the mottoes of the troll business community, and they enlisted 100 raptor trainers to prepare a used car lot full of hungry, vicious dinos for their riding pleasure. 89 consumed trainers later, and trolls gained the ability to saddle up on this Jurassic joyride. Perhaps their best use is just in ramming down the door of an Alliance family who just sat down to dinner, ravaging the parents before giving the kiddies a photo-op. “Dinos? COOL!” Rating: B+

Blood Elf – Hawkstrider

You simply have to hate yourself more than anything to roll a Blood Elf non-pally/non-warlock. Sure, the “Hawkstrider” might sound like a snazzy new sport car, with leather seats and a groovy 8-track player, but you’re going to end up giving yourself the fruitiest ride in all of Azeroth: a rainbow Chocobo. You know, those Japanese ostrich things from Final Fantasy that we only used because other means of transportation — rolling downhill in a barrel, bumming a ride from Rosie O’Donnell, Herbie the Love Bug — were denied to us. Chocobos are only cool to 4-year-old girls and seriously deluded 17-year-old anime fans, and nobody else. Say hi to Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony, Blood Elves! Rating: F

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The Winning number is 73!!!

December 9, 2007 at 6:13 am (1)



The Winning Number is 73!!!!


Congratulations to Cowsrcool, AKA Turtle who was the only one to pick the winning number. As a prize he won 118 gold, 1 primal might, and 20 mana potions.

In no particular order but a very special thanks to Val, Brany, Boa, Syp, Glen, Lili, Turtle, Danain, Vick, Gilthial, Golde, Ainhilde, Kultierl, Leathered, Draconas, Spaci, Ledzepelin, Nigh, Bcrocks, Thamon, Damager, Legacyleg, Daes, Shelandra, Santhell, Phaenor and anyone that I may have forgotten!

I hope that everyone participates again this week and makes the guild lottery as much as a success as it was this week.

**Remember all numbers sent to me are now void and in order to be eligible for the

Dec 15th   drawing you must resend your number or numbers along with the appropriate amount of gold to “Twwlotto”**

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December 7, 2007 at 3:12 am (1)

LOTTERY Revised!

So, with many of you actually reading the blog about the lottery and many comments/feedback I think I need to revise a little bit. The biggest thought was that most felt that it would be too hard to actually hit anything. This sadly kind of takes the fun out. So after much more thought and a few words of advice from guildies here is what we have come up with.

Lottery will still be sent to “twwlotto”

Tickets are 1 gold for just 1 number.

So if you want a higher chance of winning just pick more numbers anything from 0-99.

Example: TWWLotto                           

                 Lotto entry (5gold)               

                 My numbers are                   

                 10 19 34 76 42           

Since we are only picking one number between 0-99 you have a much greater chance to win, in the example I have 5 chances to win.

Drawings will be held every Saturday night at 8 server time

The way the winning number will be pulled is simple and I’m encouraging everyone to join, myself or other officers’ depending who is on will group raid with everyone wanting to see the winning number drawn, in SW. Then we will /roll.


90% of the gold in the lottery process PLUS 20 potions or elixirs or 1 flask of your choice along with 10 pots or elix 1 primal might and a zerg run in the instance of your choice!!


***If there is more then one winner ONLY the gold will be divided between the winners everyone will still get the choice of potions/elixirs/flask and 1 primal might.***

In order to claim your prizes please see Tami, with your winning number I will not contact you, you must contact me and I will verify the number is a winner. Keep in mind I can make almost any potions/elixirs/flask and that you can choice what you would like to have. You can have a combination of both potions and elixirs as long as the total equals what you have won.

****IF NO ONE WINS we keep playing and the lottery starts over after Sat night drawling****  Sunday starts the lottery craze over and I will have deleted any tickets sent to me, which mean’s to get entered for the next drawling you must resend me your tickets/gold.

I’ll keep a daily total of lottery gold in the Mess of the day to see how things are progressing.


GOOD LUCK and let’s really try to make this a success!

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