A Temporary Hiatus, and a Survey

December 3, 2007 at 6:04 pm (1)

For those who don’t know, I will be taking a brief hiatus from WoW for the next 7-10 days.  I will be on, but it will be sparingly, and probably only to check my mail. 


So there’s that. 


But while I’m studying for my finals, I have a request of everyone in the guild. 


I want some feedback from you, and I have a couple questions I’d like to have you respond to. 


  1. As a guild, we have grown and stabilized over the past few months.  With that said, however, what can we do to help you enjoy the guild more?
  2. Are you happy with the current guild bank setup? 
  3. With so much interest in Karazhan, have you felt pressured to go even if it isn’t something you are interested in?
  4. Some people have brought up the concern of a lack of communication between the officers/ Co-GM’s and the rest of the guild.  How do you think we can fix any issues we have with that?
  5. What do you want to see more of?  More random stuff, more pvp raids, more heroics, etc….
  6. What is your general feeling towards the guild?  Positive, negative, etc…


Thanks for your time with these questions.  With the new year coming upon us, I really want to see how we can improve the system we have setup.  I also understand that we cannot please everyone, but we are going to damn-well try. 


I’ll see everyone in 7-10 days!





  1. Vick said,

    Dear Mr. Huzzuh,
    Since I’m supposed to be working, here are my 2 cents on some of this stuff…

    1. Not sure on that. I’m a pretty happy camper. More ‘barnyard noises’ in gchat? More ‘yarr’?

    2. The bank is tricky one and I know a lot of admin work for the Guild Leader. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work in a perfect world. I put stuff in, I might even take something out one day but my attitude is very much ‘easy come, easy go’ with the bank. I guess I don’t have any expectations really. So far it’s been ‘I’ll drop ‘this’ in to help somebody out’ type of thing and that’s pretty much it. Is it supposed to be more than that?

    3. I’m one of ‘those’ sick people who like bonking my head against the opera event in kara (yes I’m talking to you Romulo and Julianne) over and over so I don’t mind at all. That said I think some other scheduled events would be a really good idea. Personally I don’t pvp but I’d totally go to a guild Alterac Valley weekend run (or 5) for example. Goofy guild runs, instance runs, world pvp, area teams, battlegrounds, heroics, scavenger hunts, craft fairs, quizzes or anything else we can dream up that is fun and bring everybody together is all good for me.

    4. Monthly meetings? Not sure about this one. I see it, but I’m not sure how to fix it. Might have to schedule a state of the union address or something…

    5. I think variety is a good. Maybe assign a few entertainment directors with varied interests in the game and have them cook stuff up?

    6. I feel good da na-na na-na na, I knew that I would (da na-na na-na na).

  2. Calpernia said,

    1) I really enjoy the maturity of our guild and am quite happy being part of TWW. One thing that would be an improvement is more consistancy in raiding. On nights that Kara is scheduled I would like to know it is actually going to happen and have the needed 10 people sign up. It feels like a waste of time to come on waiting to raid and then sit around for an hour waiting on people or for that matter not getting into Kara at all.

    2) The bank is fine although I believe that our ranks need to be checked for consistancy. I have been a private for many months and I feel that is not an accurate reflection of my guild involvement. Thus if the ranks are going to count for something, they should be more consistant.

    3) I’m glad that we focus on Kara. I personally have run the other lower dungeons enough times and probably would not play much if it weren’t for Kara nights.

    4) I’m ok with our leadership structure. I leave it to those who are leaders to decide what works best.

    5) More raid progress. Silly stuff doesn’t do it for me.

    6) I’m quite happy with the guild and it’s members. I really appreciate the understanding that RL comes first.

  3. Brany said,

    I think I’ve shared my opinion with the rest of the officers but I’ll put it out there for the rest to see…When I joined TWW we were very casual which was the entire point of the guild. Since then we’ve grown, and I’m glad we can do Kara runs for those folks who are interested, but I am dismayed at the possibility that Kara is the Only thing we ever do.

    1. Being a mom with 2 small children I don’t have time to run Kara 4 nights a week (I’ll be lucky if I get to run it once a month) and while I would never begrudge any of you the opportunity to do as many Kara runs as you ever could want I would like to see the guild doing more for lower level folks, running the ‘other’ instances..even those lower ones in Outland. I’d like to see us come together as a guild and just have fun without an epic loot drop in sight. That’s why I joined and stayed with TWW….not for gear, arena points or honor….because I loved my fellow guildies, we had fun just being on, and there was never any pressure or feeling of being left out in the cold because some of us couldn’t run a particular instance. I’d like to see more people chatting in guild chat just to chat. I’d like to get the feeling of a group of friends back, not just those folks you raid with.

    2. Guild bank works for me, though I will admit I’ve barely glanced at it..I have deposited a couple of things but that’s about it.

    3. I wouldn’t say I’ve felt pressured to run Kara, but I will admit to feeling that if I’m not Kara attuned I don’t have a place in the guild as it’s really the only thing that gets run anymore.

    4. I do think that guild chat is too quiet..and I think because of that we officers (myself included) tend to gather in Officer chat because if we’re honest we are the core of TWW, we’re the ones who’ve been around the longest and know each other the best. As a result we stick to ourselves out of habit more than anything I think. I believe we should make more effort to start conversations in guild chat, get the guild talking and sharing.

    5. I’m up for seeing anything that gets more folks involved and having fun…I realize that Kara must be a powerful draw because there is serious entertainment value, I can’t imagine why anyone would go if not. 😉 I do think there is merit in doing other things as well though….naked SM, raiding Thunderbluff, lvl 1 gnome IF to SW runs…all of those things (Silly as they may be) were sort of the glue that held us together for so long. We shouldn’t all take ourselves so seriously all the time…sometimes it comes down to the social aspect of the guild alone, and for that TWW was always incredible. Anything that gets us together and having fun together as a guild again would be great.

    6. If I didn’t love TWW I wouldn’t still be here…still it’s hard to feel left out of the guild the vast majority of the time I am able to be online. I think we have some great personalities, alot of good players and people who are fun to be around…and I think we should work that to it’s best advantage. I can’t be the only person in the guild without endless time to commit to Kara runs so I’d like to see us addressing the portion of our guild members who might be feeling the same way I do and hopefully continue to make TWW the best guild on Rexxar.

    If you’ve made it this far you should be Sainted. 🙂 Thanks for bearing with me and letting me have my say, I’m certainly looking forward to reading what others have to contribute as well! 😉


  4. boazar said,

    I would like to thank those who have done this, and thank you for your input. I realize there have been some problems, and the feedback given so far will help discover the root of the issues so we can get them resolved.

    But please, everyone, keep commenting! I want more feedback!


  5. Cybel said,

    1. Not sure.

    2. The bank, ah yes. Unfortunately I think it is yet another thing for the GM/Officers to manage. I have deposited, but rarely withdraw because I find it hard to see what might be of use for my character. My suggestion would be to make a few categories and ask people to stick to them. e.g., Tabs might be labeled “Professions”, “Armor”, “Quests”. Every once in a while, someone will have to go and get rid of, um, less desirable items and put the money from these items back into the bank, maybe start another tab.

    3. I am interested in Kara and future raids, but I am not upset if there are not enough people on to run it on a given night. I try to be there on time with my lotions and potions in hand. I would appreciate it if people were a little more aware of being ready on time. I have found myself at the meeting stone for half hour + thinking that I could be doing something else. Call it if there aren’t enough within 15 minutes of start time.

    4. I have not found that to be the case for me.

    5. I don’t have as much game time as I would like, so I like to run stuff – pretty much anything -and feel like I’m achieving something (improve the way I play a character, better gear, another level, pwnd a boss, rep) and getting to know guildies a little better. That said, I like doing silly stuff once in a while too. PvP is not really my thing: I suck at it.

    6. I am just happy to have a bunch of people ingame who love to play WoW, who enjoy themselves, who are helpful and fun to play with (particularly when things are getting frustrating, a good laugh is sometimes all you need!), and who over time I am getting to know better. /gush TY TWW

  6. Nyck said,


    Just wanted to throw out my two coppers.

    1. I think more group/guild planned activities would improve guild camaraderie. This would be anything from fun runs to picking an instance to run that day to have everyone join in the fun. I would not mind having a day for lowbie instance runs to help new member or old member’s alts; another day like wayback wednesday dungeon day to run BRD, UBRS, LBRS. I for one never got to see Onxyia. I think it would cool to see the game content that I never got to see. I think it would be easier to see now with our higher level characters. There are more things to do than days in the week. If these things are schedule in advance on the guild calendar, we can see how much interest we would have for each idea. Then we could refine what we as a group would like to do together. And as always RL takes precendence.

    2. The guild bank. Uugh. I think we need to have a dedicated banker to organize, maintain, and sell the junk. We need to define what should go in the bank. It almost looks like the junk box.

    3. I likie the raid instances. It was the main reason for joining TWW. I would like to able to do different raids as well. Kara once or twice a week is just fine for me. But there is so much more to do out there. I would like to see more of the game content.

    4. I do not get the feeling the officers are not communicating enough.

    5. I would like to see more scheduled things to sign up for. I think that way we can more clearly judge what everyone would like to do. Just throw it out there and see what kind of interest we have. We just need to encourage everyone to use guild calendar whether they can go or not. If they can leave a comment in the guild calendar sign up to give us some feedback, we can better improve our list of things to do together.

    6. Positive. The bottom line is we all have real lives and this game is for fun. I enjoy playing with my friends from around the world. So, I play often. If we can’t go to Kara on the scheduled night, it does not bother me a bit. We just need clearly defined basic guidelines on when the scheduled event will not take place if there were enough individuals signed up for it.

    Just my two coppers!

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