December 7, 2007 at 3:12 am (1)

LOTTERY Revised!

So, with many of you actually reading the blog about the lottery and many comments/feedback I think I need to revise a little bit. The biggest thought was that most felt that it would be too hard to actually hit anything. This sadly kind of takes the fun out. So after much more thought and a few words of advice from guildies here is what we have come up with.

Lottery will still be sent to “twwlotto”

Tickets are 1 gold for just 1 number.

So if you want a higher chance of winning just pick more numbers anything from 0-99.

Example: TWWLotto                           

                 Lotto entry (5gold)               

                 My numbers are                   

                 10 19 34 76 42           

Since we are only picking one number between 0-99 you have a much greater chance to win, in the example I have 5 chances to win.

Drawings will be held every Saturday night at 8 server time

The way the winning number will be pulled is simple and I’m encouraging everyone to join, myself or other officers’ depending who is on will group raid with everyone wanting to see the winning number drawn, in SW. Then we will /roll.


90% of the gold in the lottery process PLUS 20 potions or elixirs or 1 flask of your choice along with 10 pots or elix 1 primal might and a zerg run in the instance of your choice!!


***If there is more then one winner ONLY the gold will be divided between the winners everyone will still get the choice of potions/elixirs/flask and 1 primal might.***

In order to claim your prizes please see Tami, with your winning number I will not contact you, you must contact me and I will verify the number is a winner. Keep in mind I can make almost any potions/elixirs/flask and that you can choice what you would like to have. You can have a combination of both potions and elixirs as long as the total equals what you have won.

****IF NO ONE WINS we keep playing and the lottery starts over after Sat night drawling****  Sunday starts the lottery craze over and I will have deleted any tickets sent to me, which mean’s to get entered for the next drawling you must resend me your tickets/gold.

I’ll keep a daily total of lottery gold in the Mess of the day to see how things are progressing.


GOOD LUCK and let’s really try to make this a success!



  1. valoriana said,

    I just worry that you may be overextending yourself with the potions , elixirs or flasks..but HEY..I can use em! Let’s give this a shot and see what kind of fun we can have with it. I can try to help with herbs, potions or elixirs if needed. If it gets to be too much of a drain on your mats we can take it down to gold and a zerg of choice. We’ll make it work.

  2. Brany said,

    I’ll be happy to go herbing too if you need me, but that’s about all I have that will help…hehe Or I can farm some motes for you…let me know what you need. Can’t wait to pick my numbers!! This is going to be fun no matter what the prizes. 🙂

  3. boazar said,

    I can also herb for you, when I’m on.

    Which will be soon.. stupid finals…

    If it does become too much of a burden, Tams, let us know and we can tone it down a bit. Maybe a stack of 5 potions for any character plus the gold, and an instance zerg (no, Black Morass Heroic does not count as a zerg! 😛 )

  4. Tams said,

    I have a bunch of mats saved up and already 2 primal mights sitting in the lottery toon’s bank. If it does become to much then we can tone it down some but I think that’s what will make it fun. If you win even at lvl 10 you can use potions/elixirs and heck sell the might for an extra 80gold. Only reason I put that in there is make more people play. 🙂 As far as the new way for doing the lottery is everyone ok with that?????

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