The Winning number is 73!!!

December 9, 2007 at 6:13 am (1)



The Winning Number is 73!!!!


Congratulations to Cowsrcool, AKA Turtle who was the only one to pick the winning number. As a prize he won 118 gold, 1 primal might, and 20 mana potions.

In no particular order but a very special thanks to Val, Brany, Boa, Syp, Glen, Lili, Turtle, Danain, Vick, Gilthial, Golde, Ainhilde, Kultierl, Leathered, Draconas, Spaci, Ledzepelin, Nigh, Bcrocks, Thamon, Damager, Legacyleg, Daes, Shelandra, Santhell, Phaenor and anyone that I may have forgotten!

I hope that everyone participates again this week and makes the guild lottery as much as a success as it was this week.

**Remember all numbers sent to me are now void and in order to be eligible for the

Dec 15th   drawing you must resend your number or numbers along with the appropriate amount of gold to “Twwlotto”**


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