More then 1 night elf could have dreamed…..

December 19, 2007 at 6:21 am (1)

The winning lottery number for December 15th was 51!!!

Extra special thanks to Drizzty for suggesting and then making Cloak of the Black Void

which was added as an extra prize.

 Extra special thanks to Turtle for donation of 50g to make the pot larger!

Would also like to thank Cybel, Bcrock, Gerimobanco, Boazar, Cowrcool, Reanimayshun, Midyan, Xeno, Avalonea, Syp, Ainhilde, Vick, Hyron, Phaenor, Brany, Janiest, Aerilane, Draconas, Ggold, Glen, Erecton, Gilthila, Kultirel, Elisabeta, Almorez, Hikari, Tegain, Aerilane, Honorman, Entanae, Mana, Faygo and Drizzty.


Amazingly we had 4 winners!







( i’ll get ur the rest of ur pots asap)



Sadly I’m going to have to limit the amount of numbers people can play. Too many people where asking me to take 50, 75 and a few even asked to send in 100g…. That in it self takes the fun out of the lottery. There will now be a 30g max bet amount..

Also  there are NO LONGER primal might’s between the winners. It was a little over whelming to make 4 primal might’s, 20 potions and elixirs I’m not complaining, so please don’t think that I am it was just a bit much was not expecting such a huge turn out. Which is great I couldn’t have asked for more.

New lottery rules:

30 gold limits

More then 2 winners they must roll for the Primal Might’s 

Everyone will still get there share of the lottery gold and also the potions or elixirs

I hope that this does not upset anyone. The lottery will still be fun, and I’ll try to add extra items and such to make it worth while. Good Luck on the next drawling!!






  1. latha vidyaranya said,

    hi, i was wandering in the blogwood and happen to find a place to rest and waste my time well here!

    thats a lovely blog name! no guilt for spending so much time on the blogs as we can justify that our time is afterall well wasted!

    thanks for reducing my guilt 🙂

    pls do come n waste some time at my blog too:)

  2. boazar said,

    You rock for putting this together Tams!

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