Meet the Great and Terrible Oz

December 28, 2007 at 5:38 pm (1)

One of my great post-70 career goals for Ghostfire was fulfilled yesterday, as I was able to tame a Ghost Wolf, the rarest pet in the game (currently).  It has no special skills or abilities that other wolves lack, so this was done for the sheer coolness factor alone.  But isn’t that why we do a lot of what we do in these games?  We pick a class based on what is “cool” to us.  We treasure trinkets and gear that let us do “cool” things.  Unless we’re soulless spreadsheet crunchers who only value numbers alone (dps, damage meters, mp5, etc.), that is.

Oz, my new pet wolf, started his career with me at level 30, and is currently level 44.  It makes for slow going, as I’m reverting to my pre-level 10 hunter days, where I’d open with a couple shots and then switch to melee, but the post-2.3 pet leveling speed increase helps a bit.  Plus, it’s kinda a fun challenge to figure out how to maximize dps when you can’t rely on your gun and pet as much.  I’m factoring in a lot of traps (yay snake trap), using concussive shot for the first time in months, and continuing to use Beastial Wrath for the damage increase it gives to me.

Oz does have a couple special “fun” features.  Not only is he semi-transparent (the only other tamable beast that has this is the Ghost Saber), but he looks wicked cool when BW lights up, as you can see in the second photo.  Occasionally, he lets out with an undead, echoey-growl or howl, which was unexpected but also neat.

Much thanks goes to Reanimayshun and Cleanshaven  for lending me their skills and time to help me pull this taming off.  It took a lot of preparation, but we managed to do it on the first try, which was far more than I expected.



  1. Brany said,

    Grats Syp! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a bit jealous but I don’t begrudge you the coolest pet I’ve ever seen one bit..hehe

  2. Return to Oz « Time Well Wasted said,

    […] couple people, including BigRedKitty, to publish a detailed account on how I went about taming Oz, my new Ghost Wolf. Of course, when you discover something fairly cool and semi-hidden in a game, the tendency is to […]

  3. Skypeep said,

    I thought the pet exp gain patch was the one currently in the PTR?

  4. maryblu said,

    I was just looking over your site and recruitment link. Wish I had known people like you when I played WOW. Happy New Year!

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