TWW Girls will rock you!

January 5, 2008 at 6:56 pm (1)

TWW Girl’s Night

TWW female players celebrated the New Year in style stalking the Fel Reaver.fel-rev.giffel-2.gif
Thoughts of revenge and camaraderie spurred seven female players to laugh,
fight and enjoy this time together. TWW has plenty of female players, and no
we do not count males playing male characters, that are interested in an
occasional “Girl’s Night”. Events could end with a celebration at the
Stormwind Pig and Whistle Pub, dancing is optional. We would like to
schedule a TWW Girl’s Night at least monthly, or twice a month if we have
enough interested players. Girl’s Night Events could be silly, like a level
1 Hogger Raid, or serious raids and instances. Of course it is Time Well
Wasted! If you are a female player and interested in participating in a
future “TWW Girl’s Night”, pst Tami or Ainhilde with your thoughts and ideas!


1 Comment

  1. Brany said,

    It was a ton of fun and I would definitely do it again! Definitely count me in on the next girl’s night! 🙂

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