A couple ideas for fun/different events

January 11, 2008 at 4:25 pm (1, Events)

So we have a couple ideas floating around for events.  Thought I’d get a general consensus on them from the guild.

 1.  Scavenger hunt.  Certain items would have a higher point value.  Your goal would be to get as many items as you can within 90 minutes.  Winner would receive 50g, 2nd place 25, 3rd place 10.

2.  Scarlet Monastery speed runs, specifically the Cathedral portion of the instance with all bosses downed.  Groups of 5 would be allowed, but there would be a level cap at 190, so the group cannot exceed a level total of 200.  Winning group would get 100g to split up between the party.  2nd place would get 75, 3rd place 50. 

3.  Deadmines Speed Run.  Same as above, but prizes and level cap would be different.  Level cap would be set at 110, up to groups of 5.  Winning group would get 75g, 2nd place 50, 3rd place 25. 

4.  High Level 3-man groups – Speed Run through Undead Stratholme.  All bosses would need to be downed.  First group back to the doors after killing the Baron receives 100g.  2nd place 50g, 3rd place 25. 

5.  IF to Booty Bay run.  similar to what we had previously with the IF to SW run, but longer run this time.  Winner would receive 75g, 2nd place 50, 3rd 25. 

6.  Undead City Raid.  Simple enough.  no gold given, just some old fashioned city stomping. 

7.  IF to Undead City Run.  Similar to the IF to SW run, except this time your goal is to plant your corpse on the mailbox inside the Undead City.  Winner would receive 75g, 2nd place 50, 3rd place 25. 

 So do any of these sound fun?  All of them?  Some of them? 

Feedback as always is greatly appreciated!



  1. Brany said,

    All of these ideas sound like alot of fun! I’ve always enjoyed the VC speed run, SM speed run sounds doubly fun! Scavenger hunt was also great (of course, that could be because Val and I actually won, I could be biased..hehehe) I always enjoy the sillier side of WoW and having fun watching my guildies perish over and over again on a lvl1 race or during a speed run. Count me in for whatever gets decided upon, and count On me for any help you might need.

  2. Tkuhnikivatz said,

    I like the Scavenger Hunt and the speed runs the best. Although I will participate in all events if possible. Ever thought about getting a couple guilds together for a city raid?

  3. Tams said,

    All of these sound great, personally I’ve zergerd VC on my mage in like 15 mins so thats allways fun 😉

    Altho a scavenger hunt would be very interesting..

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