TWW Bank Update! New Rules!

January 29, 2008 at 11:39 pm (1, General)

Well, we recently had enough gold to purchase a 4th bank tab.  Huzzah!

I would like to thank everyone who donated to this cause.  Getting a 4th tab in our guild bank shows our growth and overall desire to make the guild better.  So thank you all!

With the purchase of this tab, we have decided to change things up in terms of what tab does what now.  This also changes permissions for different rankings in the guild.  I will go over each ranking and what they can take out in this blog.

So first, the different tabs.

Tab 1.  Super Important!

This tab has not changed.  This tab still involves  blue items, rare crafting recipes, uncut gem stacks, ZG coins, and anything we officers deem super important.

Tab 2.  Recipes Armor (and more, but there’s a limit on how long your title can be, unlike this bold text here.)

Tab 2 is pretty simple.  Green armor, potions, cut gems, librams, and profession recipes.

Tab 3.  Professions Tab

Herbs, leather scraps, venom sacs, ore, shadowgems, etc.  Anything to do with helping your profession go up is located here.

Tab 4.  Random

This tab is also fairly straightforward.  Food, bandages, low level potions, low level bags, quest items, etc.  Put that type of stuff here.

So so far, pretty spot-on.  Now we go over the rankings.

GM’s and Co-GM’s.  

Full access.  Obviously.


Tab 1    5 Items
Tab 2    7 Items
Tab 3    8 Items
Tab 4    10 Items


Tab 1    1 Item
Tab 2    2 Items
Tab 3    3 Items
Tab 4   4 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    1 Item
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    3 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    2 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    1 Item
Tab 4    1 Item


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    2 Items


No access at all.  

So there you have it.  If you see something you need in a tab, but can’t access it, ask an officer.

Also, and I want to make sure everyone understands this next rule:

The bank is not to be used for your own profit, aside from helping your profession.  If you take out items and sell them for profit, and we catch you doing so, we will warn you and drop you in ranking.  If you are caught repeatedly you will be kicked from the guild.

Thanks again, and enjoy the new tab and bank setup!




  1. Tams said,

    Nice work boa sounds great to me 😉

  2. Ainhilde said,

    Thanks for laying out a clearer definition for the bank tabs. I think it will help keep our bank a bit more organized, and less like a cluttered storeroom. Keep up the great work.

  3. Tegain said,

    Looks good. Thanks Boazar!

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