PvP Should Die.

February 22, 2008 at 3:37 pm (General, PvP)

(I thought I’d get cute with a “Gank PvP” title, but then my coffee slapped me in the face and I realized I needed to respect myself for the rest of the day.)

That’s it. Right there, up in the headline. You see it? “PvP Should Die.” No exclamation mark for unnecessary drama, no question mark for vague uncertainty. Just a period, stating it as a fact.

I truly and deeply believe that PvP (player vs. player) in World of Warcraft should go the way of the dodo, and be exorcised from the game. I know, I know, I feel you rolling your eyes and getting ready to quickly dismiss this as an uninformed rant — but please stick with me, just for a minute here.

World of Warcraft is an exceptional PvE (player vs. environment) game. From the casual soloer to the hardcore raider, WoW is accessible, fun, and offers a stream of varying challenges and goals to meet. It’s no secret, however, that the PvP aspect was first tacked on, then later shoehorned in to become an integrated part of the game. We now have four battlegrounds, three arenas, two OP classes and welfare epics in a pear tree for all those who love ganking their fellow man, woman or child.

I can admit, PvP makes a lot of sense when the primary purpose of your game is to keep your players chowing down on content as long as possible so they’ll keep reupping their subscriptions. And unlike PvE content, which is solely developer-made, PvP involves the players in the content-making as well. Suddenly, the enemy mobs aren’t predictable beasties who are pulled and attack the same way every. single. time. No two PvP matches are the same, offering unlimited variety and surprises and strategies. PvP rewards — honor and arena — offer PvP players another way to gain coveted gear while playing the type of game they like. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would I rail against this? Shouldn’t I, I don’t know, live and let frag?

See? There’s the cutsie stuff my coffee is slapping me for.

If World of Warcraft was designed from the top-down to work hand-in-hand between PvP and PvE, I would just shut my mouth and go my way. But that’s not the truth, and in many ways PvP has hurt WoW far more than helped, despite what the devs might say. In the beginning, we had duels and PvP servers with “open world PvP”, both of which offered ultimately futile exercises in unfair matchups. Realizing the imbalance (remember that word, kiddos; it’ll come up again), Blizzard created instanced Battlegrounds and Arenas to supposedly match up players in similar numbers and levels. Yet this didn’t stop the discrepancy between premade groups and randomly assembled groups, not to mention the indignity of a horrible player trouncing a truly skilled player because the aforementioned horrible guy had better gear to cover for his lack of skill.

PvP Truth #1: When gear matters as much or more than skill, something is broken.

Yet this all just concerns those wacky PvP players, you say — it has no impact on Mr. and Ms. Joe Casual, who’s plugging away at the Defias Brotherhood for those tacky bandanas, right?

Okay. If you say so.

What I say is that in their efforts to continuously balance “imbalanced” PvP matchups, Blizzard has taken the PvE players on a rollercoaster of largely unnecessary nerfs and buffs, far more than the PvE game demanded. You might be a warlock who’s never touched foot in a battleground, but if you’ve played the game long enough, you will have witnessed your primary crowd control mechanism — fear — nerfed time and again. Is that because it was too overpowered in PvE? Heck no. It was because something that worked in PvE created a large imbalance in the PvP environment, and Blizzard was forced to change the skills across the board to keep everything in alignment.

PvP Truth #2: To fix the PvP side of the game, often you have to break something in the PvE portion.

In 2.4, shamans will see their top Restoration tree talent — Earth Shield — nerfed from 10 charges to 6. Is this because it was an overpowered healing spell? In PvE, no. In PvP, apparently, yes. So sorry, PvE players, you have to suffer for the sins of PvP!

For another example, take tanks. In theory, these are characters who spend ungodly amounts of time leveling up, speccing their talent tree to attain all sorts of defensive skills, and acquiring tank gear to withstand a pounding so they can protect their teammates in dungeons. Yet in PvP, Blizzard has pronounced tanks as a “useless” spec. Sure, you can defend all the live-long day, but tanks were simply stripped of their ability to taunt enemy players into attacking them instead of their squishy allies. If you’re there to protect your physically weaker teammates and you have no way of protecting them except to damage the enemy faster than they’re damaging your buddy, then why go to the trouble of having tanks in the first place? Therefore, a third of the “holy trinity” of MMOs (tanks, healers, damage) was rendered void where prohibited.

PvP Truth #3: When all talent specs fail to be viable in PvP situations, you’ve unbalanced the game.

I’m honestly sick of the nerf/buff rollercoaster that PvP imposes on the game, and if I had my way, as King of Blizzard, I’d announce that all PvP would be stripped from the game tomorrow. WoW doesn’t have to be great at all things to all people, just really great at something that already appeals to most people — the PvE game.

So the question would become, if we take direct PvP conflict out of WoW, then how do we inject player-created (or controlled) content into the PvE game?  What about co-op instances, where two teams of players race against each other to cross the finish line (beat the end boss)?  Or making the players “Generals” on a battlefield, where they can do quests to recruit NPC troops and send them against their enemy’s fortress while defending their own (I know, AV has an element of this, but who honestly recruits the NPCs anymore?)?  Or what about player-made dungeons, where you could be given an instance template and then fill with mobs, loot and traps that you’d have to find in the PvE side of the game?

I’m not a dev, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  But I am convinced that PvP has to be firmly incorporated into the groundwork of a game to be successful, and it has to offer all players a chance to compete based on skill instead of gear or favored talent specs.


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TWW Bank Update! New Rules!

January 29, 2008 at 11:39 pm (1, General)

Well, we recently had enough gold to purchase a 4th bank tab.  Huzzah!

I would like to thank everyone who donated to this cause.  Getting a 4th tab in our guild bank shows our growth and overall desire to make the guild better.  So thank you all!

With the purchase of this tab, we have decided to change things up in terms of what tab does what now.  This also changes permissions for different rankings in the guild.  I will go over each ranking and what they can take out in this blog.

So first, the different tabs.

Tab 1.  Super Important!

This tab has not changed.  This tab still involves  blue items, rare crafting recipes, uncut gem stacks, ZG coins, and anything we officers deem super important.

Tab 2.  Recipes Armor (and more, but there’s a limit on how long your title can be, unlike this bold text here.)

Tab 2 is pretty simple.  Green armor, potions, cut gems, librams, and profession recipes.

Tab 3.  Professions Tab

Herbs, leather scraps, venom sacs, ore, shadowgems, etc.  Anything to do with helping your profession go up is located here.

Tab 4.  Random

This tab is also fairly straightforward.  Food, bandages, low level potions, low level bags, quest items, etc.  Put that type of stuff here.

So so far, pretty spot-on.  Now we go over the rankings.

GM’s and Co-GM’s.  

Full access.  Obviously.


Tab 1    5 Items
Tab 2    7 Items
Tab 3    8 Items
Tab 4    10 Items


Tab 1    1 Item
Tab 2    2 Items
Tab 3    3 Items
Tab 4   4 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    1 Item
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    3 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    2 Items


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    1 Item
Tab 4    1 Item


Tab 1    None
Tab 2    None
Tab 3    2 Items
Tab 4    2 Items


No access at all.  

So there you have it.  If you see something you need in a tab, but can’t access it, ask an officer.

Also, and I want to make sure everyone understands this next rule:

The bank is not to be used for your own profit, aside from helping your profession.  If you take out items and sell them for profit, and we catch you doing so, we will warn you and drop you in ranking.  If you are caught repeatedly you will be kicked from the guild.

Thanks again, and enjoy the new tab and bank setup!


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A couple quick tidbits about raiding and TWW

November 2, 2007 at 2:48 pm (General)

Obviously, we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild.  We don’t tell people what to spec.  We don’t set aside 8 hours every Saturday to raid Gruul/Magtheridon.  We don’t run Serpentshrine Cavern every night. 

But we do run Karazhan four days a week.  And the interest in this activity is growing.

So I’d like to go over a couple quick rules Nny and I have worked on.  Once again, these things are most certainly not required, but will help with avoiding frustration.

1.  Download Group Calendar from curse.com.  Nny/Mythicor uses it to know who has scheduled themselves for a run, and he can confirm if you are good to go or not.

2.  Show up on time.  In fact, show up 10 minutes early before the scheduled time.  We have been getting better at starting closer to the proper time as we get more people interested in running Kara.

3.  Make sure you are repaired 100% before going in.  Obviously, if we have cleared to the Blackmsith beyond Attumen and you are Honored with the Violet Eye, then repair when needed.  Otherwise, please make sure you don’t need to repair in the middle of trash clearing.

4.  Make sure you have enough mana/health pots before going, or before everyone starts going, ask if guildies have spares they can spare 😛  I would say it’s a safe bet for casters to have 5-10 mana pots for every boss fight (this includes clearing trash and fighting the boss himself.) 

5.  Download a threat meter from curse.com.  There are more than one.  I prefer Omen, because it is a little more proactive about warning your lazy bum when you are about to pull aggro. 

6.  Download Deadly Boss Mods.  This is a great mod that will warn you when bosses are going to do their special attacks/tricks.  This will allow you to plan accordingly for such things to happen.

7.  Be patient.  We are fairly new to this whole raiding thing.  If we wipe on a boss a couple times, I would ask you to shrug it off and get back in line for the next run.  This is a game, after all, and we should remember to keep that in focus when we have a 15g repair bill to pay.

I would like to send my thanks to Mythicor for setting things up for us.  I would also like to send my gratitude to those who have raided so far in our guild.  We have a tremendously friendly group of people who are running it, and I think if we get more people up to 70, we may even need 2 groups going instead of 1.  I know we are getting close to that point. 

Hope to see everyone else in Kara getting fat loot!


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I didn’t know Ichabod Crane worked for the Scarlet Crusade..

October 19, 2007 at 2:19 pm (General)

Every once in a while, Blizzard has a fantastic idea for an event, or a holiday.

This year, for Hallow’s End, we get the Headless Horseman boss. 

He’s a heroic-level 70 boss in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard.  He’s not really that tough, but we attempted to 4-man him essentially with me on Tyrista, then realized we didn’t have enough dps so I switched over to Boaz to light him on fire, as I do.

Turns out you can reset the instance and run him again.  and again.  and again.  Up to 5 hours on one account I believe is what Syp said.

So not only is he a cool looking boss with a little bit of a challenge, he also drops epics and broomsticks. 

He drops this ridiculous plate helm I wish I could somehow get for Tyrista but I don’t know if I will have the chance.  I can’t tank the horseman at lvl 64, and I don’t do enough dps. 

I suppose I could switch to arms/fury and then respecc back to prot after we fight him a couple times… 

Anyways, back to the loot.

He has dropped two epic rings so far.  A caster ring and a melee dps ring. 

The broomsticks he drops are a one-use only, sadly, so they aren’t that much use.  Still kind of cool though.

It’s too bad anyone low level won’t see this again.  This was fun. 

For everyone else who can run it, my guess is every lvl 70 in the guild will get plowed through there for the epics while he still exists!

Cheers to Hallow’s End!

/goes to Gadgetzan
//prefers Noggenfogger anyday to some of the costume wands

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Addons and you

October 15, 2007 at 4:19 pm (Blogroll, General)

Addons.  There are those in the game that claim addons are cheating.  Others use so many addons that the original WoW interface is completely gone. 

So you choose to get some addons.  You want a completely customizable button setup, or you want a way to help sell auctions faster.  Or perhaps you want a mod to help  you with end-game raids. 

I’m here to help. 

The first mod everyone should get (regardless of level) is a threat meter.  This most certainly is not required, but it definitely makes boss fights a whole heck of a lot easier when you can manage your threat better.

The two most popular are KTM Threat Meter and Omen.  I prefer Omen, because it does a better job of warning you when you are about to pull aggro (my screen blinks red and a warning comes up saying “reached 90% of Bob the Tank’s aggro!), so I would actually suggest Omen, but either one is fine.

Another great mod is Atlas.  There are two separate add-ons for this:  Atlas Maps and Atlas Loot.  I would suggest both.  These addons make it much easier to pull up maps for instances and check to see what phat loot will drop from bosses/trash. 

So what’s next? 

Deadly Boss Mod.  This one is only for end-game raids.  What it does is help you easily track what each boss is doing with their special abilities.  Moroes about to vanish?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when he’s about to.  Big Bad Wolf about to turn someone into Little Red Riding Hood?  With Deadly Boss Mod, you will know when to run for your life. 

Want to rule the auction house like a queen?  Or how about knowing what items will disenchant into what dust/shards?  Then you’ll want Auctioneer Suite.  This mod will let you easily put in items at a discounted rate.  Not only that, but it will also tell you how much per item a stack of bronze bars will sell for.  Want to sell 2 bronze bars rather than a stack?  Auctioneer will tell you what to sell them at to maximize your profit. 

On top of that, items that drop will show a new window which will show the vendor selling price.  “Do I disenchant this item for the possibility of a shard, or do I sell it to a vendor for 9g 18s?”  With Auctioneer Suite, you’ll know which one will make you more cash.

A couple other ones:

TrinketMenu.  This mod will bring up a 2-button window on your screen.  What it does is track every trinket you have in your bags for easy swapping out.  No muss, no fuss.

Bongos.  This is a completely customizable UI button setup.  You can make as many buttons as you want on your screen as you want, along with re-shaping the size of your map buttons, re-arranging where you have your pet/caster bars, etc.  Completely customizable.  I like it for Boazar, because he has a billion buttons that may not always be in use, but it’s nice to have them all in one central area.

Titan Panel.  Great little addon that adds two bars on your screen.  You can display how much gold you have on you, how much ammo you have, how much xp you need to level, what your xp/hour is, your x,y coordinates, etc.  Great addon that’s stupidly easy to install and use.

Lightheaded.  This is a great one for questing.  It pulls up every comment from Wowhead.com and puts it into a 2nd screen on your quest log.  Every single quest will pull up with posted comments from Wowhead.  You can get locations for mobs, the start/end location of the quest, how much xp/rep you will get, etc.  Very nice mod. 

I will be adding links to easily download these mods and the general WoW addon websites later.  That’s what I get for typing this up at work.


Until then, you can do a Google search for Curse Gaming, which is a big one where you can get almost every addon I’ve described.  For Lightheaded, search for “Lightheaded WoW addon.” 


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Farewell for now

September 25, 2007 at 7:32 pm (General)

After several long weeks of deliberating, I have decided to take my leave from Time Well Wasted for the time being.

I’ve always been somewhat of a loner in WoW; I spent quite a long time unguilded prior to joining what was then a very low-key circle of friends. Time has passed, old friends have left and new ones have appeared, but after all the changes that have swept through the guild, somehow I have found myself no longer feeling in my rightful place here. Maybe it’s just my wanderlust kicking in, but as of late I’ve found myself longing for the drama-free, obligation-free life of the unguilded masses.

To my closest TWW friends, I have formed many great memories with you and hope to share many more adventures together in the future. Whisper me anytime you need me 🙂 

Who knows – there may come a time when I will once again wear <Time Well Wasted> below my name, but for now, it’s time for a change methinks.

 Highest Regards,

Hildegarde aka Nagarathna aka Rinkha aka Bioshock

aka Rodney

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Guild rules and guidelines

September 5, 2007 at 2:39 pm (General)

I think it’s time to summarize our general guild rules and guidelines in a posting, so here goes:

No swearing in guild chat.  This one is pretty simple.  Most of us are adults/teenagers.  We should know better than to curse in guild chat.  Go form a party if you so desire if you wish to swear.  Swearing will not be tolerated, and you will get a warning if you choose to do so.  Further bad language will lead to a slap with the probation stick. 

Derogatory terms are not to be used in guild chat.  Saying something “is gay” would be considered an example.  Please don’t say it.  Same rules as above apply. 

Be friendly to others.  Don’t despairage against others for being new to the game, not understanding certain things in the game, etc. 

Avoid arguments.  We heartily accept having discussions about gear, what’s the best spec, etc., but we want to avoid getting heated up over such discussions.  There should be no need for something so trivial as discussing a game to come to name-calling. 

Begging will not be tolerated, especially if you are a new player.  If you haven’t been around more than a month, and you beg in guild chat you will be dealt with harshly.  Even if you aren’t a new player, and have been with us for a while, please refrain from begging.  What goes under the begging headline?  Asking for gold, money for respeccing, asking for runs through VC a thousand times, begging someone to come quest with you, etc.  Just don’t do it.  We have been burned by too many people and too much drama has been created because of begging for money, and then never getting it back. 

Loot Rules

Party rules in instances/groups should be as follows: 

Bind on Equip greens:  Greed on every BoE green unless it is an upgrade for you.

Bind on Pickup greens:  Greed roll on these, and if someone needs it roll need.

Bind on Equip Blues:  Greed roll, unless you need it. 

Bind on Pickup Blues:  Pass unless you need it. 

ALL EPICS:  First off, if it is a raid it should be on Master Loot.  If for some reason an epic drops in a regular instance, or in heroics, do not roll on it at all.  YOU MUST PASS ON IT AND A GENERAL ROLL WILL TAKE PLACE LATER ON WHO CAN ROLL FOR IT. 

In short, don’t be a bonehead.  Don’t roll on something your class can’t use, and never roll on an epic item.  If word comes around to any sort of ninja activity by a player, that player will be kicked from the guild and labeled server-wide as a ninja. 

So don’t do it. 

So to summarize:

keep it clean.

keep it fun.

keep it relaxed.

don’t be a beggar or a ninja. 

and most of all, have fun!


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So You’ve Decided to Play a Mage: Talent Builds

July 19, 2007 at 5:10 pm (General, Strategy)

Still playing your mage eh? Glad to hear it. But what do you do with your talents?

I’m here to help.

I hope you have already read my previous post, so you have a good idea as to what the mage talent trees mean, and what each tree brings to the table.

So now we delve into the depths of the trees themselves!

Deep Arcane

I haven’t tried this build, because generally Arcane isn’t the most mana friendly. However, I have heard of some high level raiders using a very similar build, but you need some really good gear to make up for lack of survivability/overall damage.

Deep Fire/Raid build

This is a typical cookie cutter build, very popular for end-game raiding. You have to have really uber gear though. I wouldn’t suggest going to this build until you have around 700-800 +spell damage.

Deep Frost / Raid build

Deep frost builds generally don’t do as much DPS as the above fire build. The advantage here is aggro reduction in Ice Block (only real aggro wipe mages have, as Invisibility blows) and Ice Barrier. In reality though, you won’t lose as much DPS as you might think if you have enough +spell damage.

I would also suggest frost as the way to level. So much easier.

40 Arcane /21 Fire

You will see a lot of mages with this build. The added points to Mind Mastery can make up for any lack of +spell damage gear you may have. the purpose of this build is to utilize both Fire and Arcane with a nice balance.

40 Arcane / 21 Frost

This is purely an end-game build. Like above, you utilize the Arcane tree to make yourself a stronger mage overall, but in this case instead of getting the “ZOMG IWIN PYRO” macro you get Ice Block.

33 Arcane / 28 Fire

This is my current build. It can be tweaked numerous ways. I believe I have enough +spell damage now that I don’t need to compensate so much like others who go 40 Arcane. That way I do plenty of damage with fire spells without sacrificing too much overall by going into Arcane. I will probably keep a build like this while I go through Karazhan/heroics for another month or two.

PVP Frost Build

I’m linking this build to Faxmonkey. He’s a really good pvp mage. Not top tier, but not many are. He is also a serious raider as well, which shows with his gear.

Elementalist Build

PvP build. It’s one I’m considering doing after I do some heroic instances/Kara. Ice Block, Ice Barrier, Water Elemental, Blast Nova, etc… the ability to kite around people with this build makes it a great pvp build

AOE Grind Build

Good grinding build. Blast Nova, Improved Blizzard, Ice Block, Improved Cone of Cold. You could kill tons of mobs at once with this build.

So there is just an example of a few builds and what they bring to the table. I’ll have more as to what it means being a mage later on, and how to play one.


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Karazhan Run: 7 PM Server Time, Sunday July 15 – SIGN UP HERE!

July 12, 2007 at 5:00 pm (Events, General)

Hello Everyone!

I’m planning a Kara run starting this Sunday, July 15th, at 7 PM Server Time.  It most likely won’t start at 7 server time (they never do hehe) so some leeway is granted there.  Chances are we might have to work with some friendly guilds or pug a few people. 

Please post here if you are keyed and would like to go.  Also post here if you need to get keyed, and I will help get runs together so people can go. 


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The Boazar Time Well Wasted Comedy Tour is Coming to your Inn! Sign Up Now!

July 11, 2007 at 3:24 pm (Events, General)

When:   Saturday, 8 server time.  Twice a month.  We start this Saturday.  Will probably go about an hour.

Where:  Random inns, probably in Stormwind or IF.

Who:  The people who sign up below. 

What:  No what involved.  NERD!

Why:  Because we can.  Sometimes you need a little humor to spice things up, to liven up the guild when everyone gets a little burnt out on grinding/instancing/pvp.  

So here’s the deal:

This initial post will also act as a sign up sheet.  You will sign up here if you want to participate.  Because of time constraints, we only have room for about 6-7 people with 8-10 minute routines.  Because of the time constraints, this will be a first come first joke rule.  If you wish to participate but don’t make the initial 6-7 one week, try again next week!

A blog will be made every other Monday to act as a sign up sheet.

Your routine must be clean.  PG, or PG-13 at worst.  No sex jokes, but the occasional sexual innuendo joke will be accepted.  No “your Mom” jokes.  You can work in pairs as well, if you want a comedy duo.

The routine will be done completely in /s chat. 

After everyone has done their routine, the crowd will message whoever is in charge of the event at the time (in case I can’t make it) with who they believe the winner to be. 

The winner will win 30g and, on some lucky days, a 16 slot bag!

The winner will not be able to win the contest again, but they can still participate if they so desire.

So sign up!  We start this Saturday night!

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