Hildegarble: Commentary (aka Blathering) on PVP

June 29, 2007 at 5:32 pm (PvP)

melee.jpgFirst off I wanted to say thanks and EXCELLENT JOB to everyone who has been participating in arena, with a special thanks to Tami for taking the initiative to form a 2nd 2v2 team. Boaz, Turtle, Neha, Syp, Glen, Measure, Tami, and even Val (who has since forsworn the arena experience altogether, bless her heart): I want to personally thank all of you for bringing my dream of a lively guild PvP team to vivid life. It was an honor and a blast to fight with you, and to top it off we’re on our way to epic rewards! I think this is a great team / community builder and I’m glad to see all of us communicating so much and just having a good time as a guild.I’m researching some strategies and trying to become a better pvper myself, having recently respecced to the popular 35/23/3 build that the top tier arena warriors are using. I’d also like to post some strategies on the blog here in the next few weeks so that we can experiment and improve. Remember – even though we may have our losing streaks, we’ll still have fun and earn points! I’ll be more than happy to lose every single match we play as long as we have a good time doing it!After some thought, I don’t think that we’ll need to schedule a specific night to pvp each week; it seems that we have a robust enough core group of players on each night to be able to just play as we want. Keep in mind, however, that you need to meet your quota of at least 30% participation by Monday night, as points are rewarded Tuesday. In addition, try to be mindful of your teammates, as playing additional games without them can lower their participation rate and edge them out of points!

I guess that’s all I got for now. More to come soon.

-H. Garde

 PS: We’ve got a new 3v3 team! Big thanks to Brany (Nehalennia) for footing the 120g bill of the new team, called “Murloc Liberation Front”! If you need to be added to a 3v3 team still, please whisper Nehalennia and she will be glad to include you!


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